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Hi Tyler, i want to add this code on my "Social" to connect directly to my EmailHow can i do it? I just wondering is there any way to add custom icons in circle icon widget or any other plugin also is ok. Been working on a localhost and it did not bring out Embedded Video Widget and the one for adding social media widget. In this post I’ll teach you how to set up a video teaching membership site.This is assuming you’ve had a good grasp of the WordPress interface and know how to update page templates and use custom fields through theme files. Can I build the site first and then load it up to the host, or do I have to be hosted to build it in the way you did?

I’ll be using Pippin’s Plugins Restrict Content Pro, Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon and Custom Post Type UI to do the novice way of adding Custom Post Types in WordPress. Setting up your membership subscription levelsHead to Restrict > Subscription Levels and make some choices on the levels. Setting up your membership pagesI make sure I use similar page names to what is expected in the system.
Just because I much prefer tracking my transactions in a nicer way.Setting up your Video Post Type and separate Video Archive PageI’ll jump into your Post Type for your content.
This will control the way your item (in our case Video) will be used to display information.

You can choose to hide Premium Posts from your loops here too.Setting up the tone of your emailsYou can customise the way your emails are communicated.
I don’t offer web development services; this site is put together for information and educative purposes only.
Earnings disclosure: I may get compensated by some of the hosting providers that I recommend on this site.

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