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Step-by-step instructions for a traditional knot pattern in your new friendship bracelet; furthermore, a detailed project presented as well for your reference on how to make friendship bracelets out of string.
When the first time I came across the knot tying pattern, I get so obsessed with its distinctive appearance.
After that, fold the two 150cm long threads from the center and tie an overhand knot at the position 4cm more or less nearby the folded place. After ending the whole project, your friendship bracelet will appear a natural radian because of the property of materials used.
25+ ways bracelets string, Friendship bracelets bigger , stack cool bracelets string, thread, cord, rope.. Take the string to the right and put it under the string in the middle and over the string on the left.
Take the string on the left and put it over the strings in the middle and through the loop that the first string made.
Take the string to the left, put it under the middle string and out through the loop that the last string created.
Once your bracelet is your wrists' length, flip it over so the strings that you were tying over are at the top.
Please note: I have used different colored cord in the tutorial so that it’s easier for you to figure out whats going on! My boyfriend actually made one for his best friend and made one for himself and he used a bead at the end to fasten it.

Hi little wren….I do love friendship bracelets too and have been meaning to make some lately! As a casual crafter, I really appreciate the lack of shorthand Thanks for the awesome project! I tried the braided hex nut bracelet with no luck, but I’m hoping this will work better.
As far as this one is concerned I would be tempted to use string…slightly thicker than embroidery thread.
Hey you can always try smaller beads with the embroidery thread if the nuts are too heavy…. Wonderful blog, It looks like easy to make this bracelet, but I have to do it 3 times, thanks for the tips, that’s great.
Thus, I determine to try adopting it in my new friendship bracelet that you will see in today’s tutorial. Take the string to the right, put it over the string in the middle and below the string to the left.
If you want to introduce a bead (or hexnut) then simply thread it through onto the two middle cords then carry on tying square knots.
I’ve just made one whilst watching TV using string and some plastic pony beads I found loitering in my craft box. The two central cords only need to be the same diameter as your wrist (+ a few extra inches).

You could give the embroidery thread a go and see how it works out but I think it would be too thin.
Now, to make a friendship bracelet, just follow my project on how to make friendship bracelets out of string. Then bring the right cord over the left cord, under the two middle cords and through the loop formed by the left cord.
Then bring the left cord over the right cord, under the two middle cords and through the loop formed by the right cord. But then I only need 4 sq knots each side not 8 so that must’ve bigger than you used. If you go into a hardware store and ask for 8mm hex-nuts then you will get hex-nuts with an 8mm hole that are actually 14mm wide on the outside.
A handy tip if you have problems keeping it taped down while you knot: I safety pin it to the arm of a chair or couch, or even my jeans on my leg if I have nowhere else to pin it. You may need to make a test bracelet first just to check how many knots you need to make etc.
The bracelet ends up being a lot chunkier, and is best made with thicker cord or more strands of a thinner cord down the middle.

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