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Decorative knots have a long history in many traditions and cultures, from Celtic, to Chinese, to Buddhist, to mariners and sailors. And then, naturally, I applied the fishtail braiding method to my other obsession: bracelet making. Never saw fishtail before,very cool!I’m gonna try it on my challah this week, I hope I get it,thanx for all the great ideas! Ill find a tutorial online, if I can’t ill write one… it was a very long and boring bracelet to make! Before we get on to how to make friendship bracelets, you'll need to gather up a few materials. How many strands you need in each color depends on the pattern (see step 2 of instructions below), but it's always 16 strands in total. Then clip one piece of thread into each colored slot, matching the color of the floss to the color of the slot.
The initial pattern of threads on the braiding disc is the only thing that sets the pattern you get on the bracelet. At the very beginning of your bracelet, the "start" slot will show you which thread to unclip.
Every now and then, comb the loose ends of floss with your fingers to stop them from tangling. Once the bracelet is long enough to go around your wrist, un-clip it from the braiding wheel.
If the video keeps stopping and starting, then the best thing to do is pause it and come back in a few minutes when it's fully loaded.

Believe it or not, the method I just showed you for how to make friendship bracelets dates from the Samurai era in Japan. Now that you know how to make friendship bracelets, you can have fun designing your own patterns. Here's a strawberry friendship bracelet pattern designed by Marga - thanks for sending in your photo Marga!
Here you can see the detail of the pull closure – I used the macrame technique to make a 4-5 bump closure that the strands pull through to loosen or tighten, then I strung beads onto the ends of the cord and knotted them on the ends. Welcome to On Blueberry Hill, designed to share ideas, creations and inspirations for knitting, quilting and sewing, mosaics and ceramics, photography, and more.
So not only do I wear my hair in a fishtail, like every day, but COOKIE wears a fishtail too. Take one string, or two strings or even 3 or 4 strings from the TOP of the group on the right and cross them over the rest of the right group until they become the bottom of the group on the left. Take a few strands from the TOP of the group on the left and then cross them over the left group until they become part of the BOTTOM of the group on the right. You'll be able to make best friend bracelets, heart bracelets and more with just the instructions on this page. It's just a round piece of cardboard with some slots in it, but it makes bracelet-weaving a lot easier.
So even though I'm demonstrating with the chevron pattern below, you can follow along with whatever pattern you choose.
Glue to disc on to a piece of cardboard, then cut away the excess cardboard so you've just got the disc.

So from this point on, the method for how to make friendship bracelets is the exact same regardless of the pattern.
Also, give the bracelet a bit of a tug to stretch it - it might turn out to be longer than you think! I use the chinese staircase stitch over the strings from both sides at the end to make an adjustable and removable bracelet… Ill show that DIY one day, its very easy. Flash forward and Im spending my time watching grown women do the exact same shit on Bravo every night. Can’t wait to try it in my daughters hair and then bracelets with my leftover needle point string. In the free friendship bracelet instructions below, I'll show you how to make your braiding disc and how to use it.
For instance, the chevron braiding wheel (pic above) has 11 yellow dots and 5 blue dots on the wheel. I have been trying to find some of this cord for my daughters to give them a fun hobby to participate in.
Finally, cut along each of the black lines on the edge, so that the braiding disc has lots of slots around the edge. I think it's great that there are so many different options available these days though.

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