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Emojis, the smileysA in Japanese electronic messages and web pages, earned their way into digital culture royalty just a few years back, when various developers created apps for mobile users to download that allowed them the option to add little picture messages into text conversations. In 2009, a man named Fred Benenson began a Kickstarter to help him raise money so that he could compile an emoji-only translation of Herman Melville's literary classic Moby Dick. As we typed back and forth about emojis, I thought about a scene in the HBO show GIRLS, where two of the characters argue about the state of their relationship at a party.
New York Magazine's Vulture created an entire fan fiction-esque text sequence between characters Ray and Shoshanna back in January following the show's season 2 premiere.A We have all of these easy ways to communicate, and yet, the way we choose to utilize them can sometimes leave us scratching our heads. When it comes to communicating with her friends, Hope says she just uses emojis to try to make the conversation a little more aesthetically interesting. It wasn't until we had finished talking that I realized we had conducted 90% of our conversation over Facebook chat or text. Games might not yet be recognized as art but they are increasingly being used to explore the kind of deep themes that were previously the preserve of artists and philosophers. At the start of this year, we decided to come up with a list of Flash casual games with a philosophical bent. In a wonderful twist, it seems it is the Flash gaming space - until now known more for the throwaway nature of its games rather than depth - that is leading the way in this exciting new area of gaming, as we hope the following games prove. One you have finished playing these games, check out our follow-up lists: Ten More Games That Make You Think About Life and Another 20 Games That Make You Think About Life. Immortall, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer1ImmortallThe game starts with you crash landing on a planet. Loved, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer2LovedTake a cursory look at Alexander Ocias's Loved, and you could mistake it for a pretty basic platformer. I Can Hold My Breath Forever, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer3I Can Hold My Breath ForeverIn this brilliant exploration game by Jake Elliott, you play the part of a little creature who is searching for its friend in an impenetrable network of underwater caves. The Company of Myself, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer4The Company of MyselfBend time in this sad, philosophical platformer to solve the puzzles. Coma, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer5ComaComa is not only one of the best looking Flash games around - Thomas Brush having given it a uniquely mysterious and melancholic ambience - but also one of the cleverest. Loondon, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer6LoondonJust like most of us, Jonah - the hunch-back hero of this game - is on a quest to find happiness. I Wish I Were the Moon, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer7I Wish I Were the MoonDaniel Benmergui has become something of a legend in the world of arty games, thanks to quirky gaming gems like Today I Die. Every Day the Same Dream, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer8Every Day the Same DreamThe protaganist in this game reminds me a lot of the Michael Douglas anti-hero in the classic ninties film Falling Down. Don't Look Back, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer9Don't Look BackTerry Cavanagh has a reputation for creating brilliant old-style platform games. Silent Conversation, Ten games that make you think about life, philosophical thought-provoking games, Casual Girl Gamer10Silent ConversationGregory Weir is another developer who has made a name for himself for making quirky thought-provoking games, perhaps most notably The Majesty of Colors and Babies Dream of Dead Worlds. Don't forget to check out our follow-up lists: Ten More Games That Make You Think About Life and Another 20 Games That Make You Think About Life. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I think One And One Story could fit in with this list.
This game Blind is basically a blind man who hears a call for help and goes to the rescue followed by paths and tricks that you cannot see(since you're blind). These are only flash indie games, that's the reason of why there is no Kingdom Hearts nor Deus Ex.
Also, graphics DOENS'T GIVE A SHIT when you have a game with good storyline and good gameplay. Guys, the reason he didnt add all these games ure talking about is most likely coz hes talking about FLASH games.
Gretel & Hansel 1 and 2 are also iincredible games with great puzzles and amazing storylines, with a disturbing, creepy and enchanting mood. Hey, not sure if this counts but the flash game 'One and One Story' is one of the most beautiful games i have ever played (although a little too short and too easy). Not sure if this list is exclusive to flash games but I believe Braid should be noticed as an art game that makes you think.
To anyone that has said these games are "just sad" or "lame" and didn't like them, think again.

I played immortall, made me cry tried to play loved, honestly did but i couldnt figure it out perhaps that says something about me and my relationships. Loved the list, it's great to see games that offer something a world away from mainstream titles appearing so much. Alternatively, you might want to become a fan of our facebook page, which you can find here. State of Play's new puzzle adventure title Lume might be made out of cardboard cutouts but it is in no way a one-dimensional game. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics, nicely balanced and creative puzzles and a great sound track, The Tiny Bang Story delivers on all fronts. If the idea of running your own nightclub gets you excited, then Tapulous's latest iOS game might have you dancing around with joy. If the only good bug is a dead one, then you will be doing one helluva lot of good work in this cheery insect massacring game. Get into the festive spirit with our list of the best ten christmas-themed games you can play online.
The squeamish among you might want to look away for these ten games are among the goriest, bloodiest and nastiest the internet has to offer. Unleash your combative alter ego with these ten beat 'em up games that can be played online for free. You won't find any resource-management or mindless slash and dash games in Jake Elliott's portfolio. Chris Condon of Con Artist Games has a reputation for developing some of the most polished games on the web. By combining great story-telling with imaginative game worlds, Gregory Weir has created some of the most thought-provoking games on the internet. Armor Games' head of game development John Cooney - or jmtb02, as he is better known - is one of the most prolific and imaginative game developers around. In ImmorTall, indie developer Evan Miller created one of the most emotionally moving games to grace the internet.
Katy Perry recently released a video for her hit song "Roar" which consists solely of the lyrics to the song as conveyed through emojis. Emojis are fun, and some of the more obvious ones are a quick fix (although, one could argue that we're simply demoting the way we communicate rather than moving forward by sending tiny pictures instead of texting words, which we do instead of talking on the phone or face-to-face). She doesn't know when it started to be an everyday thing, but now she says it's weird when people don't use emojis.
As texting became a more normalized way of communicating over the last few years, it's often been said that sending the one letter "K" (as in "okay") is considered the worst thing you can ever text (according to Buzzfeed).
Thanks to the work of pioneers like Daniel Benmergui, Gregory Weir and PixelAnte, there is now an abundance of clever arty Flash games to pique our intellects, and as a result creating this follow-up list of games that make you think has been a doddle. Look a little deeper and you realise that this unusual game is actually a meditation on the nature of authority and obedience. You can only hold your breath for ten seconds so must find air pockets in the water, before you can dive deeper. The game play is tricky and challenging but it is the story and introspective ambience that really make this game.
Your task is to help Pete find his way through his mysterious, subconscious world, along the way solving puzzles and marvelling at the dream-like quality of the game. If you have come across any other games that have made you think, then please tell us all about them in the comments section below.
By the way, the "Immortal" link didn't work; I just googled it and played it on ArmorGames. I found it on a webpage siimilr to this, and it involved the everyday life of someone going through depression.
I play it at night, turn down all the lights and turn up the ambient rumble on my sound system.
Check it out on kongregate dont read the comment until ya beat the game, it gives spoilers. This game reminds me of popular adventure games we used to play back in 1990s, such as The Legend of Kyrandia or King's Quest series.

The little kids you met were aslo his siblings, who wanted to help him get out of the coma. The people are hanging in the forest because, even though he was a very young boy, he has proberly seem a lot of horror in his life time since he had a abusive father.
The people in the indow + eyes everywhere in the game signify that in his life the little boy always thought he was being watched by his father + this made him very uncomfotable.
I was thinking to myself about the games that touched me (get your mind out of the gutter) and was actually surprised to find them on here.
I played THE COMPANY OF MYSELF before and never finished it but really loved how it tackled loneliness in life during when I played. We have collected together ten brilliant puzzle games - all of which you can play for free in your browser. What you will find are thought-provoking games that encourage you to ponder on the human experience. Again, she reminds me that they're right there in the keyboard, easy to get to and easy to use. This had nothing to do with whether either of us were in a place where we could talk out loud.
After days of research, we could only find a handful of games that had the thought-provoking depth we were looking for.
It is highly unlikely that Loondon sheds any radical new philosophical light on how to achieve happiness but the game's beautiful design, atmospheric music and fun puzzles certainly gave me a feeling that came close to happiness. For this game, Daniel drew his inspiration from Italo Calvino's short story The Distance of the Moon about an odd love triangle. But for this list we decided to feature one of his lesser-known creations - Silent Conversation - a game that combines platform action with reading great poetry and works of literature. Now that I think about it, I wouldnt really call it a game becasue the only interaction you had was when you had to make a decision on what you wanted to do.
I feel so bad for the people because they can't see the beauty in life though, they don't have to judge a book by it's cover and therefore, I fully respect those who live their lives happy and peaceful without knowing a color other than it's name. Even if there are a lot of bullets and stuff, you move faster and time slows down, so you can't really lose.
The sister with the spider- she is trapped by the Father + that you cant get to her signifys that the little boy couldnt get to his sister before she died when the father trapped her in the basement. Great job, don't know if you'd ever consider "you find yourself in a room" in the same category, but i felt a bit sad near the end of it.
Like most cool art, Loved can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, and no doubt you will see it in a completely different light to me. The letters are beautifully written and imbue your search with an urgency and emotional resonance that are rarely found in gaming. He does the same thing each morning, does the same thing at work during the day, and in the evening returns home to do the same thing. There was an awful lot of reading to do, and it gave you situations in which you could potentially help or hurt your depression. The bird is your dead sister + knows you will never be able to come out of the coma alive, so tricks you to coming down and ringing the 'dore bell' which means that you die.
What is not open to debate however is that Loved is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking Flash games around. You begin the game standing over the grave of your lover, and then descend into the underworld in the hope of finding the spirit of your loved one and leading her back to safety. It was really thought provoking and one of the reasons why I mainly look for emotional games like these now.
Would you rather stand a chance of survival but probably die alone, or go to certain death with someone to hold your hand?

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