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One of my favourite bloggers now lives in Wellington, so when I was home in December it was pretty much a done deal that I would be having a high tea date with the one and only Kat from Lady Loves Cake.
Kat had warned me there were no scones with this High Tea at Hippopotamus so I wasn’t disappointed…it just meant there were going to be more pastries to scoff! Now there was a mango rice roll which I had a little taste off…mango brings me out in hives so I left it on the plate but it was very different. Hippoptoamus has a stunning location overlooking the water…seriously Wellington was shining the day I was visiting so the views were to die for!
And I loved it, it reminded me the Sanderson Hotel in London with all the quirky touches found around the hotel.
The service on our visit was relaxed and not once did I have to top up my own tea…there was always someone on hand to fill me up.

What a shame the traditional scones, jam and cream were absent… I might have at least had something decent to nibble on. Oh no Louise that sounds like a right old dreadful experience – did you complain to the hotel and let them know of your experience? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Exhaust Muffler for K1 Series GX610, GX620, GX670 Honda twin engine The Quiet Spark Arrestor Muffler Performance Features - QUIET - Up to one-half the exhaust. Aftermarket Item - Fits John Deere Muffler used by John Deere on some of their generators, very quiet and heavy. SuperTrapp mufflers are the only USDA Forest Service Approved spark arrestors that do not rely on.

Honda small engine mufflers - Find the largest selection of honda small engine mufflers on. The morsels were so small, it was hard to know whether to take a bite or put the whole thing in one’s mouth.

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