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Before getting started with the app, you need to register your contact number so that your friends can find you with ease. The best part of the app is that, you can send unlimited free SMS and make free calls to communicate free with your buddies. You can check out similar apps like Skype for Android, Nimbuzz app for Android, and Fring app for Android. Google (+) will be the leading social networking site in next year, this type of predictions are made by most famous Internet Bloggers, I am also 70% sure that Google Plus will beat the Facebook with a high score, as you already read about the positive points of Google Plus in a previous share, Google plus vs. Google Plus worth have much better potential to make money as compare with Facebook, because Google is already an experienced advertisement company and they have a strong relations with ad clients. By the way it is not our concern that how Google Plus generate revenue, you just create Google Plus account and enjoy the new world of social relations, Keep in touch with our blog to get more news and information about Google Plus, also keep in mind that this site is not a Google Plus Wiki or press release, we keep you update by getting latest information through most respectable sources on the internet.
Go safe, move safe, stay safe, leave safe and than back safe I wish you a safe and healthy journey!

Google + 1 is the new giant of social networking and my magical eye can see that Google Plus will beat Facebook with in few months. This free calling app for Android is one of the most popular app in Google Play Store to communicate free with your friends. As soon as you register with your credentials, the app scans your contacts from the phonebook (if you allow the app to do so) and identifies Line users from the contact list.
You need to do a manual search only when any of your friend’s updated contact number is not added in your contact list.
Also, if you don’t have an Android phone, then you can use Line app on your Windows PC, iPhone, or your smart Blackberry phone. You can make free calls and send free SMS between two Android users (both need to have Line app installed). Moreover, you can also attach a photo, video, or audio and send it to your buddies in the form of a chat same as you do with apps like Viber and WhatsApp Messenger for Android.

So, not necessarily Android, you can communicate with any of your friends having Line app installed on any of these smart devices.
The answer is very simple and clear, Google plus will generate revenue by following the foot steps of Facebook, because Facebook registration is also free, they do not charge their members but still make millions every year.
Simple user interface with the clear options to make free calls and send free SMS to any Line app user. Facebook make more than 1 million dollar everyday through its worldwide advertisement campaign.

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