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No widgets!Add widgets to this sidebar in the Widgets panel under Appearance in the WordPress Admin. When starting a Virtual Assistant (VA) business or ANY entrepreneurial business online, there are so many thoughts that gather in your brain to get you started online. With the free website platforms, you’ll find many different templates or themes you can choose from, which gives you an awesome start with creating and making the website your own.
Many entrepreneurs freak out when they start thinking about hiring a graphic designer and there are some entrepreneurs who are graphic design inclined who use Photoshop and Illustrator.
Geniece Brown – Email Newsletter Extraordinaire – uses Canva for her home page and blog post graphics. The awesome blogger, Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings does an amazing job with his graphics.
Using Canva, you not only create amazing images for your website and blog but you’re creating your brand. Every website platform or theme is different so I can’t give a specific dimension but once you do have a theme picked, then click on the header image and it will give you the best dimension size.
Canva can help you get established until you have the funds to hire a professional graphic designer. You also do need to have a clear understanding of your branding to achieve blog graphics that get you noticed. I hope these 4 essential tips to get you started in designing your website with Canva will help you. About Latest Posts Find me!Lillian De JesusLillian De Jesus is a Visual Content Marketing Consultant that specializes in social media management and blogging. I use several different fonts in different sizes, caps, no caps, and add dingbats like banners and hearts and other doodles. Reading your adoption story helped me rethink a lot that I have been second guessing about.
Do you get them printed from a place like staples or vista print to make sure they’re big enough and clear? The need for speed is real when it comes to PC games, where raw performance has a truly palpable effect on your experiencea€™s look and feel. There are a few important things to consider before overclocking your graphics card, like cooling, power requirements, and general system stability. By definition, overclocking a graphics card means running it above its stock GPU and memory frequencies, which will result in higher power usage and heat output. As wea€™ve just mentioned, overclocking a graphics card will result in increased power consumption simply because it requires more juice to run the carda€™s GPU and memory at higher frequencies. If the recommended PSU for your graphics card is 500 watts, for example, and thata€™s what is installed in your system, you may exceed its capacity while overclocking. Ita€™s best if you make sure your graphics carda€™s drivers are up to date before you begin the overclocking process. Before you begin, wea€™d also suggest updating your graphics drivers and measuring graphics performance to ensure that the overclocks are resulting in worthwhile gains.
Finally, keep in mind that overclocking may shorten the lifespan of your graphics card, especially if you crank up the GPU voltage to push frequencies to the extreme. A number of hardware makers and independent software developers offer free tools for overclocking graphics cards. AMD builds a tool dubbed Overdrive right into its Catalyst driver suite, which you can find nestled in the performance tab in the Catalyst Control Panel software. Next page: The overclocking process, and results from the two graphics cards we overclocked. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

It’s really no wonder why people are in love with it when they can use Canva in so many ways.
Show your personality and it will be so much easier to find the clients that you WANT to work with. In Canva, you can customize your own dimensions and create what you’d like for your business. Place it on the blank canvas area that you created with your custom dimension and play with it. For the best quality logo in Canva, download it as a PDF then use smallpdf to convert it to a jpg.
A blog is so very important for your business by demonstrating your authority on your VA specialties. These are graphics or photos that you can have throughout the blog post to help the readers visualize your points. You can use Canva to pretty up a sidebar by placing your headshot into a frame, use your branded typeface, and colors. She also helps people with inspiring personable teaching with 1-1 training sessions for awesome visual tools like Canva (a graphic design app for the “non-designer”). Not just for web graphics but sometimes I’ll make posters and cute little letters as well. Just stick to decorative or chalk fonts, alternate sizing, add some dingbats and you’re good to go!
I'm Kristin, the creative mind behind Yellow Bliss Road where you will be inspired by tons of easy to follow recipes, lots of free printables, and a little sprinkling of life thrown in for good measure. My Photoshop skills are a little rusty though, how do you make the straight line and the dots?
I think I just spent the last 15 minutes downloading fonts… can’t wait to make a printable now! I just gained custody of my cousin 2 year old and have had a hard time making sure she gets the attention and love like my own daughter.
I’m downloading the different fonts you have linked (thanks, by thee way!) but WHAT is going on with the hyperlink for the dingbats? Gamers are always looking for ways to increase the performance of their systems, be it through updated drivers or software tweaks, game patches, or even warranty-busting modifications. Wea€™ll walk you through overclocking two graphics cards, using some easy-to-use, free tools thata€™ll work on a wide range of hardware. The coolers used on most of todaya€™s gaming-oriented cards typically have some built-in headroom to accommodate at least some level of overclocking, but if your card or system already run hot, additional cooling may be required. Most motherboard manufacturers have utilities available to read the thermal sensors on their boards, and your system BIOS will report hardware health data. As such, if youa€™re already flirting with the upper limits of your power supply (PSU), overclocking may tip it over the edge and cause system instability, or worsea€”damage the PSU.
Ita€™s more likely that you have some headroom, however, because the rest of the components in typical systems shouldna€™t consume that much power.
A flaky or unstable system, even if it only occasionally acts up, could be a sign of a marginal component, and overclocking may push it to the point of failure.
If your overclock doesna€™t yield good results in your favorite titles, but your system is running hotter and louder as a result, it may not be worth the effort. Not touching your voltage and keeping max temperatures lower can help reduce the potential wear and tear of overclocking. EVGA offers a tool it calls Precision, Gigabyte has its OC Guru utility, Sapphire has Trixx, and MSI offers its Afterburner utility, among numerous others. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. Of course, you need an “online home”, although many people use social media as they get started to market themselves, eventually you will need a website.

What do you do when you’re starting a VA business and you have ZERO money in the budget for graphic design? You can hit the ground running with SO many different graphics for your website such as: your website header, your logo, your blog graphics, and your sidebar graphics.
Have a color scheme, a logo (see #2 if you don’t have one yet), tagline, and photo you’d like to include in the header ready. However, it will be easier to use inches than pixels (choose inches (in) rather than px in the drop down menu for custom dimensions). If you want to learn more about how to do that, check out Reese’s post, VA website – What You Must Know & Avoid. I understand how it is starting out as VA and online entrepreneur; it’s hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. I have tried just making an underscore in different fonts, but couldn’t really nail it. Could you tell me what font “Chalboard” is in the very first picture on the post?
If you dona€™t have the budget for new gear or are just looking for a bit of an edge, overclocking the hardware you already own can be a great (and free!) option. With some patience and a little know-how, an overclocked graphics carda€”and ultimately a higher-performing systema€”is only a few clicks away. Another word of warning: Depending on your carda€™s model and manufacturer, overclocking may technically void your warranty.
All of these tools are available as free downloads, and many work with a wide range of graphics cards, not just cards from that particular manufacturer. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Find a font that you like, choose your colors, and find any shapes or lines that catch your eye. There is the blog title image, where you have the title of the blog post listed, this is to get your blog noticed on social media.
My husband cousin has been wanting to get full custody of her since she can’t have anymore kids and wants a daughter but some days Im okay with it because like you said I miss the simple days, but then other days like today I don’t know what to do without her because I love her to pieces even if she is just going through terrible twos! Processors, system memory, and graphics cards can all be overclocked to boost the performance of a systema€”sometimes to a large extent. Where the a€?righta€? peak temperature lies for each GPU will vary from card to card, but typically, youa€™ll want to keep it around or below the 90-degree Celsius mark.
Cheap power meters that get plugged in between your PSUa€™s power cable and wall outlet will tell you how much power your rig is using. True it’s important to represent yourself well however building the relationships with potential clients is key.
And thank you sooo much for the mention and visual images of my header graphics from my site.
But for games, ita€™s the graphics card that typically has the largest impact on performance, assuming the system already has a decent processor and adequate memory inside.
If your system consumes significantly less than your PSUa€™s rating, youa€™ll probably be fine. The website will always evolve and you’ll find so many people say, “I’m still working on my website!” because it will always be a work in progress. This handy-dandy PSU wattage calculator can also help you spitball the approximate power usage of your PC. You can find design elements from Graphicstock, Creative Market, Luvly, and many other creative design sites.

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