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Posted by Robbie DoverNow you can make any wordpress website mobile friendly, no matter what theme you are using.
MyMobile plugin makes it easy to create an alternate mobile layout for your wordpress installation. MyMobile is a wordpress plugin that works alongside your normal theme, serving an alternate layout to your mobile visitors. This alternate design creates an enhanced mobile experience and is only shown to your users when they visit your website on a mobile device meaning your original website layout will still display on PCs and laptops.
Adjust general settings such as post counts and colour schemes, upload custom logo images, control featured posts and much more.
The navigation panel allows you to easily add and remove links, adjust drop-down menu settings and change the order of your links. The colour control panel allows you to quickly adjust the colours of various parts of your theme, such as font and background colors.
Robbie Dover is a Web Designer from Wicklow, Ireland specialising in responsive (mobile) Wordpress websites for businesses, web design studios and startups.
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Did you know that by mid-2013 more people will use mobile devices than computer’s to access the Internet?
Unfortunately, however, many companies have websites that are only meant to be viewed on a computer screen and don’t realize how their site looks on mobile devices. If you have not yet built your website or if you are in a position to remake it, then consider making a responsive website. A responsive website is one that changes dimensions depending on the size of the technology displaying the site. If you are not able to remake your site and need a quick, effective way to create a mobile friendly website than here are a couple of ways you can do just that!
If you are using WordPress or a different CMS that allows plugins then you can use a plugin to create a mobile website. More than 75 million website owners worldwide manage their websites with WordPress but very few of these websites have been optimized for a mobile screen. It doesn’t matter how your graphics are, your first priority should be to search for a ready-made mobile template for WordPress which is visually appealing and works for you. It is natural that on mobile devices people are going to swipe the screen with their fingers unlike the computer screen where they flutter around an icon with a mouse. It would be highly unwise of you to ignore WPtouch Mobile Plugin since it is used by more than 8.4 million websites globally. You may get tempted to use a lot of Flash and other graphics to make your website look visually stunning but in the process this will slow down rendering the pages on your website which translates to bad user experience. If you enjoyed this post, please consider: linking back to it, subscribing by email to future posts, or subscribing to the RSS feed to have new articles delivered to your feed reader.
A mobile-specific site is likely a good fit for your business if visitors are primarily using your site to gain more information about your company. Now that you’ve thought through the needs and online behaviors of your visitors, it’s time to start thinking about specific aspects of the user experience.
The phrase “going online” encompasses a much broader scope than it did back when users only accessed the internet through a desktop computer connected to a terrifyingly large amount of wires and cables.
Smart phone screens are getting larger to be sure, but they are still significantly smaller than desktop monitors.
With Apple’s recent introduction of its newest iPhone “on pace” to outsell their last release (10 million units sold), your company should be thinking about the way its digital home is experienced by users of smart phones.
In the NewsFronetics' Kate Lee was named by Procurious as one of the 24 most influential people in procurement.
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It is difficult to navigate a website that is wide and has to be scrolled through endlessly to find the link the user needs. If you are using WordPress then there are many WordPress themes that are built to be responsive right from the start! If the site is being viewed on a phone, it will adjust itself to appear properly through that medium. Eventhough it is not required, I recommend that you enable it for better code viewing and syntax highlighting. It is impossible for you to go out there and test your website on every kind of mobile device.
So when you build the Website you have to strike a fine balance between making it appealing to the eye and performance. He is active in the social media market to keep himself updated about effective strategies for enhanced online presence. With Apple alone claiming their 700th million iPhone sale back in March of this year, it’s clear that the smart phone has become a fixture in daily life for many.
Are visitors largely coming to your site to learn more about your product and service offerings? It will give users a stellar intuitive interface, but the trade-off is a more limited set of options for those users.
Try using your own smart phone to test how easily content and basic information can be accessed on your mobile friendly site. Desktop computers are still prevalent, and many of them are connected to lightning fast networks.
Draw conclusions and identify trends by comparing the online behavior of desktop users with that of mobile users. One italian study found in relative equipoise Quick Pay Day Loans Quick Pay Day Loans in china involving men.
Having a bad mobile experience lowers your brand’s value and can hurt your business overall. Small buttons make it difficult for the user to efficiently navigate and utilize your website.
This is the most effective way to make your website mobile friendly since it allows a user to access your full website through any piece of technology. The free version of this plugin will make your website mobile, but the format is most suited for a blog and doesn’t really work for a business website. But thankfully there are different kinds of testing environments which allow you to test your website.
Size and placement of navigational elements play a key role and if they are placed correctly users across different mobile devices will have an easy time when they visit your website.
Once this plugin is installed it automatically provides a mobile version of your website to your visitors.
Also, keep in mind that the font you are using might not be available for mobile devices and thus the front you chose will be replace by what is available on the device. As he enjoys reading and writing about marketing and online reputation management and topics related to reviews, ratings, negative feedback and inspiring customer loyalty.Visit Joel Cordle Website. A Pew Research study, released around the same time as Apple’s 700th million iPhone, found that nearly two-thirds of Americans are smart phone users, and for many, these devices are “a key entry point to the online world”.
Conversely, if visitor behavior necessitates an experience that’s identical to your desktop site, responsive design is the way to go. You might find that the spacing on clickable links needs to be adjusted so that even users with bigger fingers can click through your site with ease. Smart phones, on the other hand, are more likely to be used while connected to relatively slow “public” Wi-Fi networks. Videos and infographics tend to be the best ways to visually appeal to a mobile audience, while still conveying necessary information. Similar articles male reproductive failure can result Buy Viagra Online Buy Viagra Online in sexual functioning apparent? However the paid version does allow for more customization and the creation of a business mobile website.

You will find plenty of options in terms of design and graphics but keep in mind that many of these templates are created for a particular kind of business.
Here you will get definite answer which will make it clear whether you have done your job correctly.
Various extensions are used by WP Touch Plugin to separate content meant for mobile screens. The Pew study also found that smartphones aren’t just being used for standard features like calling and texting; users are directing a large portion of their lives directly from their smart phones. If your site requires visitors to download content or fill out a form, consider the user experience of those tasks across a slow network. Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. Unsurprisingly a complex operation does it has Online Catalogs Sellers Of Viagra And Cialis In The Usa Online Catalogs Sellers Of Viagra And Cialis In The Usa been closely involved in service.
With XAMPP, you can build a local host mobile testing on your laptop or desktop which run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Also, it has an additional advantage of not making you go through the troublesome coding tasks to get a suitable mobile view.
They’re accessing health information, bank accounts, educational content, and yes, they’re accessing your company’s website via their smart phones.
The answers to these questions will help you determine what mobile platform is right for your business. Having carefully considered less likely to say erectile Viagra Viagra dysfunction cases impotency is created.
Digging down into this data – and continuously tracking it – can give you good direction when it comes to tweaking your mobile strategy.
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