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Connect with charliesaidthatGet in touch if you are looking for SEO or Social Media advice for your business, a speaker or a live tweeter for your event.
I will talk to you about how you can measure success, and help build strategies that resonate with audiences and generate ROI.
This often means using Web Analytics, SEO and Social Media to make campaigns more successful. I was recently given a “stretch” assignment in the form of a 2-hour speaking engagement for upwards of 75 people. So this headline might be a little exaggerated, but the number one thing you must do in order to have a successful presentation is prepare for the worst. No matter how entertaining you are, two hours is a long time for a large group to listen to you speak without getting bored or distracted. Your best option is to download the video directly from YouTube (or wherever you’re getting it from) as an MP4. When you rehearse your presentation, you sound rehearsed when you deliver your presentation.
The latter half is less about ROI, more about finding benefits for the consumers whilst hopefully increasing the likelihood of future ROI. Our talented studio of creatives, designers, copywriters and video experts will develop whatever media you require: PowerPoint, Animation and Video for standalone presentation projects or high-end content to populate your iPSConnect platform. I don’t like to go to social events, I don’t like to boast about my work and I don’t like to speak in public. The topic was social media marketing, which is a topic I know well and am passionate about.

So many things can go wrong that could potentially throw you off or ruin your presentation altogether.
Videos can be a fantastic way to break up your presentation and keep your group entertained. It is possible to embed a YouTube video in your PowerPoint slide deck, but it isn’t my first suggestion. With a quick Google search, you can find simple, two-click instructions for downloading and saving a copy of a YouTube video as an MP4 file.
Candy or small trinkets (stress balls, mini play dough, etc.) on the tables to play with will actually aid concentration and memory instead of distract.
So far, my work has spoken for itself allowing me to quietly build a reputation as a knowledgeable digital marketer. Or maybe you need to hook your computer to a projector and need a copy of your slides close by for reference. It’s also a great way to illustrate real-world examples of how other people and organizations have successfully implemented (or poorly implemented) the strategies, methods and skills you’re presenting on. Then, when it comes time in your presentation to play your video, you can flip over to your computer’s media player and play the file directly from your hard drive, or wherever you have it saved.
But every now and then if we don’t push ourselves, or in my case get shoved, out of our comfort zones we’ll hit a wall and progression will cease.
But even with great content how do you keep that large of a group entertained and engaged for two hours? You have to use the developer controls within PowerPoint and you have to have several plugins downloaded.

If you’re successful in getting the video embedded, there’s still no guarantee that the place you’re presenting at will have the bandwidth to play the video glitch free.
Maybe not immediately, but you can guarantee it will show up in your evaluation or on social media. But with a lot of research, preparation and some great advice I came out on the other end proud and ready to do it again.
Spend your rehearsal time getting familiar with the order of your slides, the content in your slides, and any additional information necessary or relevant to the content you’re presenting. If you really know your material, it won’t sound like your reading from a script and you’ll be able to making that personal connection with your audience so that they feel like they’re part of a two-way conversation even if they’re in a room with 100 other people. Give them your card or get theirs and tell them that you’d be more than happy to look into it for them and get them a good answer or connect them with someone who can. Simply send us an email and we will issue a full refund onto your credit card within one business day. If…Complete Package - ALL of our downloadable templatesTake advantage of this amazing deal!

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