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Because of changes in how the index is created and stored, a document can appear in the index within seconds of going through the content processing component – you no longer have to wait for long index merges until it shows in results.
It also means you can get the latest changes even while a full crawl is starting, so you can see results before full crawl completes.
The search results are very fresh, because the SharePoint content is crawled frequently to keep the search index up to date. The search administrator does not have to monitor changing or seasonal demands for content freshness. This new feature is not so important, when you just use a document library to store and exchange documents.
For a medium Internet sites (FIS) topology (optimized for 3,400,000 items, processing 240 documents per second, and a usage pattern of 85 page views per second, which corresponds to 129 queries per second) Microsoft recommends that you enable continuous crawl with an interval of one minute, instead of the default interval of 15 minutes.

So did I understand it right that when you have set continues crawls enabled you can change the time interval by actully changing the incremental crawl scheduling? I left a request for clarification via feedback formular on the according Technet documentation.
In an another webpart in what to display the link in an label but the label dont show as an link it only show like text,so my question is should i use an label to display an link.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged development sharepoint-enterprise or ask your own question. What are some waterproof materials that meet my criteria for folding origami stars and cranes eggs? Continuous crawls automatically adapt as necessary to the change rate of the SharePoint content.

When running, the crawler gets changes from SharePoint sites and pushes them to the content processing component. I assume that that’s the case, because you cannot have both settings active at the same time.

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