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When I was shopping at Target last week, I came across some blue polka dot duct tape and today I did something fun with it. But since I don’t have a daughter who can wear a this, I made my little guy a bow tie!
After a little internet surfing, I found you can buy duct tape in MANY different colors and patterns on Amazon. LOve the colored and patterned duct tapes — would never have thought of this use in a million years!

To join two duct tape sheets to create a 3D object (such as a purse!), lay sheets out side by side, leaving a very small gap. When I was a teacher I had a student who made an entire suit out of duct tape–he used the old silver stuff so people would know what it was. I thought these would be a good addition to our trunk of dress-up clothes, but they turned out so well I think they could be a fun photo prop or even a cute accessory. Cut another small strip of tape and fold over edges leaving some stickiness in the center (this will be the middle of your tie).

As a wife and mom of 3 my days are busy but I always find time to pick up my crochet hook or indulge in something crafty.

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