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Rainbow loom bracelets might be the new trend in schools, but colorful duct tape crafts for kids are still pretty popular as well.You can make more than just bracelets with them too, which is why it is one trend that wona€™t be going away anytime soon!From little bags to hair bows, these duct tape crafts for kids will stretch their imaginations and inspire a whole new wardrobe among other things!1. July 5, 2014 by admin When talking about the crafts and arts this is commonly thought that there is no space for the boys in it as this thought is not right at all.
For the boys the duct tape crafts a small category in which you can personalize your daily usable items like as the phone case, Ipod case or your wallet.
The duct tape clothes, ties, neck tie, bows, and shirts are a hot pick in the duct tape crafts.
Step 1: Choose what size you want your purse to be and cut a piece of fabric for the inside of your purse. Step 14: Follow the directions on the grommet package to insert grommets into the position of your choice. I would love if you linked your lovely duck-tape purses to Natural Family Today's linky.

I made duct tape purses and wallets almost all 7 years of middle school through high school! In the duct tape crafts there are countless things that can be done for the boys also, like as the decorations of the rooms, cars, and phone covers. Sep 7th, 201060 Comments Over Labor Day weekend, I got to go to my Grandparents’ cabin at Fish Lake, Utah, and it was a BLAST!
This part is a bit of a challenge, so don’t worry if your duct tape bunches a little.
We had a few purses with the tape stripes going vertical and horizontal, but I didn’t get any pictures of them.
Can you explain or show how to do wallets, as I think my son won't want to be left out.
I have a tutorial for duct tape wallets on my blog ?? Soooo I featured both of us on Craft Gossip!

The collection of the dark colored neck ties that are made out of the duct tape can create a magical spell on your old wardrobe very easily.
My Mom, who always plans fun activities for the family, brought the materials to make Duct Tape Purses.
We found it was easier to lay the duct tape on the table while we taped the sides of the purse together. They turned out darling too!  My niece made hers to be big enough to carry her piano books.
On the other hand the ipod cases and the phone cases are also a hot pick if you are willing to create something of the duct tape.

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