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Worst of all Barbie would have to walk on all fours with her 6 inch ankles and size 3 feet that are unable to support the weight of her spider long legs. Barbie’s body and lifestyle tells us a lot about what society believes a woman should be. In the past, I made a lot of excuses for the behaviours of people that I was involved with, the anxiety that I felt with them, and my continued investment. When someone’s genuinely interested in you, they consistently demonstrate their interest and leave you in no doubt about it. A guy I dated when I was in my 20’s told me that he did that to get his ex wife to divorce him.
I arranged myself for few dates next week (trying to forget my AC), lets see what going to happen!
My reaction to the list above is very acute, quite emotional, and uproariously amusing as well. Truthfully ladies, as if you can handle the truth, you make it way to easy for guys to get what they want from you, when they want it, and how they want it. For you alone teach others how you desire to be treated; you alone determine the result of any relationship interplay, by what you accept, what you go along with, and the indecisiveness of your intentions.
God forbid if you ever stopped making lists of excuses and actually sat down with a paper and pen (with i-crap turned off) and listed out truly what is that you WANTED, and not focus on what you do not want, and not re-hashing all the putrid rubbish from the past infinitum. Barry raised an interesting, if not slightly confusing, issue about from whom and how men learn to treat women.
If you take full responsibility of your thoughts, feelings and outcomes of involvements in your life then by the comment you have made you instantly contradict yourself by blaming women who, in your disrespectful tone, have no one else to blame but themselves.
A person deserves respect, not to be ridiculed by the opposite sex, especially in a forum like this. Thanks Nicole for this comment, I have been advocating this to my ex’s, and certain friends that it applies to. I have always followed this and it is hard to fathom that people do treat people like this. For me it took awhile because I wasn’t sure if my ex was displaying bad behaviours because they were hard to detect. If any of the following signs of disinterest are in your relationship, I’d take a parachute and jump because all 30 of these either on their own or joined up with others, make for an unhealthy partnering.
They may not even bother speaking with you and rely predominantly on emails, text messages, and instant messenger.

When you’re broken up with them, they get in touch, often in a lazy manner just to ensure that you still jump to their beat. They send text messages, emails, or leave voicemails, and when you no doubt eagerly respond, they either take ages to or don’t bother at all. They keep blaming timing, the no 5 bus, work, their ex, their commitment issues, or whatever the excuse du jour is, for why they can’t be or do something. They’re sporadic in their efforts, and you can often pin bursts of efforts to when you either told them to beat it or they felt in danger of losing you. They’re more interested in having things their way, on their terms, being right, and having the power.
They treat everyone from the old lady down the street, to the postman, the dog and whoever else has no romantic expectations of them with decency, but when it comes to you, they’re an assclown.
They and the relationship are not ambiguous, they’re not afraid to make plans and follow through on them, and more importantly, they treat you with care, trust, respect, and eventually love consistently. You cannot be available for an available relationship if you’re making yourself available to someone who is unavailable. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way. Once you give yourself to a man who treats you like everything on this list, you’ve pretty much effed yourself. Monday I went on a first date with someone and as we sat down to lunch 5 minutes into the date he answered his phone and instead of saying he’d call the person back had a long chat with him! I have shared many relationships with many women (serially and in parallel) from the full range of financial, social, and racial spectrum. He suggested this is internalised from lessons (formal and informal) in the household, ideally from the father (I am inferring that it was his father who beat him senseless). I am glad to be replaced after I walked away because I am not the one my ex is bragging about that he does not love like he does his current victim, his girlfriend. The beauty ideal we impose on women, to be thin, blond, long legged, big busted and even, foot binded. Notice that Barbie always walks on her tippy-toes. Her glamorous beach houses, convertibles and clothing subliminally teach little girls from a very young age that consumerism is what we should aspire to. It might be money, attention, an ego stroke, sex, an armchair psychologist, but if you think back to all the times when you’ve heard from them, you may notice that it was a preamble to something. OR… they deflect conversations away from details about themselves and try to focus on you.

Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you.
People need to wait on sex, especially women, before they decide to make an emotional investment. I work in the same industry as ex but a different vertical and so I made silly excuses like I don’t know how tedious it is to work in that vertical. I also appreciate this reminder because I get caught up thinking that the two don’t connect and this reminds me that I do have self respect.
But here we are decades after she was first conceived, our kids still playing with her, while millions of girls battle anorexia, slut shaming and wondering if being conventionally beautiful is a better path to success than having a career.
Hell, they seem to think you have all the time in the frickin’ world to be waiting around for them.
As an armchair sociologist, I think we do, but this is only as an unfortunate result of fathers avoiding this instruction of their young sons (and probably many other variables in the family set-up).
The circumference of her head would be 20 inches, while her waist would only be 16 inches. She would only have room for half a liver and a few inches of intestine.
An ideal is merely an abstraction whereas real bodies are concrete, genetic expressions influenced by a number of factors.
The ACs I know often have absent fathers (either not there or present in the house, but weak disciplinarians) and mothers who infantalise and indulge. They have to work that stuff out themselves, especially if they’re beyond adolescence. Her legs would be dangerously thin and 50% longer than her arms, while the average American woman’s legs are only 20% longer. Basically, I am more and more of the view that you should (as much as possible) meet someone already well-socialized because training someone is tiring and usually thankless.
Her waist would be 56% the circumference of her hips, while the average American woman’s is 80%.
The belief that little kids shouldn’t be playing with anatomically correct toys, is merely asserting that kids should be ashamed of their bodies.

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