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Omdat we dit beeld graag willen verhelderen hebben we besloten om de meest gestelde vragen te bundelen tot een FAQ waarin we antwoord geven op die vragen.
We merken dat de website als maar groter en zwaarder word en moesten daarom het besluit maken om een zwaardere server te nemen.
Sure you can wear coloured contact lenses for a dramatic eye but personally I’m not a fan-I think God got it right when he made each and every one of us and your natural eye colour is always the one that suites your complexion and simply suites YOU the best! The most important thing is to know the eyeshadow colours that suite your eye colour and to keep these in mind when doing your make-up! For example my eye colour is a bit aqua (a mixture of green and blue) so from time to time I’ll include a bit of aqua along the bottom lash line or within the eye-shadow.
You can see this here where the wonderful Samantha Craughwell Make-up included an aqua colour in my eye makeup look for the below shot.

It is important to also consider your eye liner and mascara and don’t just simply go for staple black all of the time!
Eyeshadow: gold and golden browns, greys and slivers, warm browns and taupes and soft peaches and pinks.
The 110 styles come in green (suggested for hazel & brown eyes), wine (for blue, green and hazel eyes), and blue (for brown eyes).
The demi-wispies style come in wine (suggested for blue, green, and hazel eyes), blue (for brown eyes), and plum (for brown, hazel, and green eyes). I don’t like the concept of coloured mascara but these lashes are regular black lashes with a hint of colour in them so I was intrigued by this concept as it wouldn’t be too noticeable or over the top! Nice tattoo something something NIPPLES something something Nice colors something something Starting Strength something something GOMAD.

Using a colour that contrast with your natural eye colour: Now, I know you are wondering “how would I know which colours to choose,” but the answer is in the colour wheel! You can also use a bit of your natural eye colour, or a slightly darker version, to bring out the colour even more! All you have to do is locate your eye colour on the wheel, the colour directly across is the perfect colour for you! You better not wear a shirt ever again because that's a piece I would walk around proudly with.

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