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May 19, 2011 by Editor Leave a Comment I have not had alot of time to post as I work to get the repairs from the fire in my house completed. I LOVE recycled light creations, I have posted alot about them but I really like the look of this light.
I am a working mother of two children under the age of four with a strong commitment to environment and teaching my children how to live in the world. Balloon Lift Here's a sweet idea: Add a balloon for every child, niece, nephew and grandchild, until you have a bundle of balloons to lift you up. Images of things that have been recycled into something cooler than what it originally was is one of my favourite things to look at.
What you are looking at is the art work of “Yuken Teruya” and is nothing more than some old toilet rolls that make been cut and folded to look like sprouting and spreading branches! Simply roll an empty toilet roll in peanut butter and then roll that in some seeds and Bob’s your uncle you have an instant DIY bird feeder! This is not some weird Alchemy Transmutation but is in fact something rather amazing to make with all those empty toilet rolls! Now before anyone says anything I know this is not the most original thing made with toilet rolls but this image, this build is!

Why not bring a touch of Disney Magic to your home by making these rather cool looking Dwarfs from Snow White?!?
I am lucky enough to be thinking about how I want to decorate with the final finishing touchs and of course I headed over to Esty to check out the cool things there… here are some awesome picks! What I love about it is that it’s not too hard to copy and this one looks far better than all the other castle built with loo rolls. This fantastic idea for Halloween doesn’t just look great but is also fairly simple to make.
Simple to make (via the simple to follow guide in the image link) and they would be great fun to make with the little ones or maybe for a Christmas decoration.
For me that is just about all I can say about these incredible pieces of art so maybe it is best to just hand you over to the words of the artist themselves a Ms Annastassia Elias: “I cut the small paper shapes that I stick inside the toilet paper rolls.
Being a nerd, I have more wires than I can use and always have bags and draws full of them. Her store has a bunch of fun items and it looks like she has been on Etsy for awhile click here to check out her creations. From old ladders, cars, books and even pallets, they have all been given the upcycling treatment.

Also, please do check out the image link as it leads to the artist who made it and fellow WordPress blogger. Just click on the (source) link and there is a great step-by-step guide on how to make them.
Well, I think that is in the past because now I know how to make one of these amazing “Toilet roll wire organisers” by following the step-by-step guide to making on in the image link!
Well, it seems that there are hundreds of amazing ideas that people have come up with to use them up. Well, I have not got the time to bring you hundreds of them and you have most probably not got the time to read them.

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