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5 Web Design Techniques to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly You are using an outdated browser.
Many logos in use are unprofessional and carry all the tell-tale marks of an amateur or a beginner.
As you sketch different options, start eliminating the designs that seem weak or inappropriate. If you are designing a logo for a customer, keep in mind that they might not like all your ideas. If you learn to use vector-specific drawing software to create logos, you will be able to create perfect straight lines, smooth curves, and accurate shapes quickly and easily. Using your pencil sketches as a guide, use your vector drawing software to recreate a crisp version of your ideas.
When thinking about “fill” and “stroke” colors, try and use color combinations that make sense for the logo.
After you’ve made brought your logo to life with color, consider how it will look when photocopied or faxed. However, if you look at a lot of professional logos, you will notice that different colors do not always touch and there is frequently blank space built into the designs. Written exclusively for WDD by Derek Underwood, a professional web designer and software developer. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
Any basic web design class will tell you that web design has very limited choices in typography, especially if you plan on optimizing your site for different browsers.
This limitation is usually caused by the fact that different computers tend to replace certain fonts on a web page with whatever font is available on their computer. However, with the increasing internet speeds and the introduction of DSL and broadband lines, many web designers are now introducing newer, more attractive fonts for their websites, to help them produce more attractive and informative websites. With the introduction of newer web design systems such as flash and java, designers are now free to design websites with any font of their choice.
Typography is basically the use of type in design, by using various fonts to compliment the content of your site. Both light and heavy fonts are best used for headers, logos, or any part of the design that requires your reader to look at it first. If you plan on using a specific font for your web page, it is a good idea to make sure that the fonts that you use are all complimenting each other. Typography is a great way to make sure that your site looks good, even if you feature minimum graphics. I was really hoping to get my hands on a a good truss software even if I had to shell out the big bucks.
So I purchased a couple of books and starting reading up on trusses and how they are manufactured and designed.
I've already added a few truss types, but the most complete to-date is the Fink truss which I have added all of the member analysis and deflections.
I apologize that Internet Explorer does not currently work with the images, for some reason there is no native SVG support in Microsoft browsers. This application is intended to be used primarily by Design Professionals (architects, engineers, etc.), Building Code Officials, Contractors and Inspectors with the goal of helping everyone that uses it to more easily understand the loads, parameters, calculations and limitations of a given common truss design.
In doing so I also hope to force the plate manufacturers to release a version of their software that is for use by architects and engineers.
I contacted both Alpine and Mitek a few months ago and was hoping to purchase or lease their software as I designed some new detached garages.
The design of metal plated connected wood trusses in America is essentially a black box to most practicing engineers and architects. So, if you were to design a project & used your Truss Design program, does it provide a cut list to the truss yard? It seems if you take the design away from the Truss Yard you have introduced another player in the game which means another chance for error. It would be curious to see if a Truss Yard would actually build your design or would they run it through their own program.
Your title should have a 50 – 60 character limit and your meta description should be of 150 – 160 character limit. On the other hand, an unprofessional logo can ruin a brand and mar an otherwise good designer’s portfolio. Everyone thinks they can design a great logo, but simply knowing your way around Photoshop is not enough. With these tips and your creativity, you can make your logo designs shine with the very best.

However, more often than not, a lot of time is spent fiddling with special effects and filters. So, before spending too much time on each design, you may want to present some work-in-progress designs to gauge their level of interest. Digital photos are perfect examples of bitmap graphics (also known as a “raster” images) – because they are made of dots which are also known as pixels. Excellent commercial vector drawing programs include Adobe Illustrator, Lineform, FreeHand, and Corel Draw. If it looks muddy and incoherent when converted to black and white by a copier or fax machine, its time to get back on the computer and make a separate version of your logo that is purely black and white and ready for anything.
For example, if a logo will only be displayed on a web site, you might jazz it up with multiple colors, fades, or even special effects. There are roughly just a small handful of fonts that you can use in a website, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, etc. That is why you usually have to pick a font that is commonly found pre-installed in most computers. A general rule of thumb is that large blocks of text are usually more readable in Sans Serif fonts, because they are easier to follow with the eye on a computer screen. A good header should always draw the web user eyes to what it says, so that the information that you want to share is easier to process. A good rule of thumb is the fact that a serif font is usually accompanied by a matching sans serif font.
A catchy font usually makes up for the lack of graphics on a website, giving you a more coherent, professional look.
By changing geometry and loading parameters multiple design scenarios can be quickly compared and analyzed, hopefully providing a benefit to the design professional. Their answer to me was that they did not want their truss products becoming a commodity so they would not let anyone access their software except for authorized truss manufacturers who also purchased their plates. He is now an estimator for a big contractor and has builder ask him for truss design and the truss plant builds them. While this can be useful, it usually means that the thoughtful design and artistry of the logo itself has taken a back seat. In recent years, some software such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Fireworks have blurred the lines between vector and bitmap graphics.
In addition, there are excellent free alternatives including Inkscape which is shown below. Keep in mind that vector shapes can have a “stroke” of varying thickness (the outside line of the shape) and a “fill” color or pattern (the inside of the shape).
For color inspiration, look online at Adobe’s free Kuler service or pick up a copy of Jim Krause’s Color Index 2. The black and white version may differ somewhat from the original, but it should retain the overall look and feel. However, if a logo will also be used for commercial printing, you need to consider the complexity of the logo and the expense that multiple colors and effects will add to the printing costs. On a printing press, each color is usually printed separately and there can be some slight movement of the paper and machinery as each color is printed.
However, the lettering style, fonts, and even the case (uppercase, lowercase, mixed) in a logo can have a dramatic impact. For example, popular fonts like Helvetica are easy to read and are perfect for strong headers and large font sizes. Regular weight letters are best, because light or thin fonts tend to be difficult to read and may disappear into the screen.
It is also a good idea to limit yourself to two or three types of fonts per website so that your pages do not look incoherent and overwhelming. However, let it be noted that this application is purely a tool to be used, similar in concept to that of a calculator or estimator. One of the common mistakes that businesses make is, including important information inside pictures. For example, the lines and curves of a vector graphic will look equally as sharp on a small business card as they will on a giant advertising billboard. These slight movements can cause thin hairline blanks between colors and even half of a millimeter will be noticeable if you have 2 colors that are designed to touch each other perfectly. Fonts like Garamond on the other hand, is more delicate in appearance and is great for more elegant texts. Sans Serif on the other hand, are devoid of the embellishments, and usually look chunkier and cleaner in appearance. Heavy, bold fonts on the other hand, are overwhelming and take up too much space on a page. Of course, some fonts simply look good together so it is up to you to pick out the correct font to match your site.

54 Image: The Difference Between User Engagement and User Experience The Difference Between User Engagement and User Experience 53 Image: Is Technology Replacing Recruiters?
You can scale a bitmap down in size, and get some decent results, but increasing the size of a bitmap means that you are blowing up the pixels and you will get mixed results depending on the amount of enlargement.
Professional logos are made with vector graphics so that they can used for commercial printing, web sites, television, and all other forms of media. In the printing world, each color is called a “spot” color and the more colors that are required, the more expensive the printing. If you want to add a phone number or a contact address, then place them somewhere else like below the image. Photoshop, Pixelmator, Paint Shop Pro, and Painter are all good examples of applications that are primarily designed for bitmap graphic creation and photo editing.
Vector-capable file formats include EPS (encapsulated postscript), PDF (portable document format), and AI (Adobe Illustrator). In your design, you can create an overlap (known as a “choke” or a “spread”) to occur between adjoining colors to reduce the chances that movement on the printing press will be noticeable. That way, if you need to send the vector file to someone, they won’t need to have your font installed on their system.
This will make it easier for the search bots as well as for people who are interested to contact you. You just want to let your natural creativity flow without your computer software taking over at this stage.
This will boost up your page keyword optimization and help people identify what is inside your page.#3 – Optimize Your ImagesOptimize your images with texts that will increase their search visibility. When designing your website’s navigation structure, make sure not to take your links three level deep. Your navigation structure should be important for viewers to understand and this also applies to your search crawlers.#5 – Remember to RedirectWhen redirecting to a new web version, do not forget about your old web pages. Deleting the old pages, will cause you more trouble since when visitors enter your new page, they will receive a 404 error instead. There are more problems because, search engines will remove the page from the search results, thinking that the page no longer exists. You will lose all the organic traffic that you have been receiving till now.Use 301 redirects to inform the search bots about transfer from the old web version to the new one. This will help you to maintain the domain authority that you have managed to build using SEO efforts. But here are the top five things that you should begin with in your website design.5 Must Use SEO Friendly Web Design Tips Your Site Cannot Do Without#1 – Make it ResponsiveThe number of website visits that you would get now-a-days are from mobile devices.
You can also contact a web development company that can help you create a new .htaccess file on your website server.
Out of these, 50% of the search made by the consumers lead to a store visit within the next few days. 78% of the mobile searches made result in offline purchases.A responsive web design makes it easy to access a website from any device be it the smartphone, tablet or a laptop. You can even use a customized 404 page to help you back up any links in case you have forgotten to redirect to the new web page.
From the developer’s side, you do not need to create multiple pages to adjust into different screen sizes. All that you have to do is develop a responsive template that will reshape itself judging your device screen size.
As far as the platform is concerned, you can decide to run the website using static HTML template files or a content management system that uses a responsive theme.
It is also about designing a template that brings in the right functionality that makes the user experience visitor friendly. WordPress for example, is a popular content management system that can help you create a static website, e-commerce store, blog, forum or anything that you want to run online.#2 – Include Important TextsText has always been the best option that the search engine bots crawl.
So the next time you design your website, ensure that it’s both search engine as well as visitor friendly.
That is why, it is fair enough to reason out why content marketing is an important marketing tool.
If you have uploaded a video or an image in a particular web page, make sure to include a text based transcription below.
A flawless design will help you attract the web world which has improved extremely over the past few years.

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