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Here is where we are going to take all of our hard work so far and make it look nice for mobile devices. The first thing that we need to do is to set all base font sizes and line heights in your css file.
Basically, if we did this correctly, our type should adhere to our originally set specifications.
We will need to get used to the idea that our images and media will need to scale according to their parent elements. Now that our parent elements are responsive, we need to make all of the child elements responsive as well.

Here is where we are going to start using media queries to make our child elements adhere to percentages of the max-width of their parent elements. We can then change the width of our child elements and the horizontal padding of the parent element to percentages.
Now that we have set our elements to scale accordingly, we need to make some choices as things scale down for mobile devices. Here’s where we can take things one step further by adding a menu system tailored to mobile devices.
Next, we will want to make the image visible at our 600px break point and float it to the right.

You didn’t add the part where you fix the disappearing menu when you expand your window. It’s something that you can read in a night and it will cover all of the basics you need to know.

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