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Moving into a new place, or doing some interior redecorating, and not quite sure how to arrange the furniture? The Make Room website also allows users to combine multiple rooms (and garages and patios and other outdoor spaces) into an entire floor plans. For serious design work, especially anything that involves 3D rendering, you’ll probably want to get special software for the task. SPOTCOOLSTUFF reviews websites that will induce laughter, help you plan a trip or meet other people, that will make or save you money or in some way make you go WOW!.

The website offers six pre-made templates to choose from, though you can also create your own plan by entering the dimensions of your room. The Make Room is a website hosted by Urban Barn, a Canadian seller of contemporary furniture. Or try an approach that faster—and less painful for your back: dragging your sofa, tables and chairs around with your computer mouse. So, unsurprisingly, the site is geared towards designing with Urban Barn’s furniture offerings.

Click on their Bahama King Bed, for instance, and an exactly to scale rendering of that bed will appear in the room.
You can also add all manner of other objects into your design, including gym equipment, house plants, electrical wiring and even pets and musical instruments!

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