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As you're probably aware, Google is preparing to launch an algorithm change that includes a signal telling Google sites that are mobile-friendly should get a rankings boost. For one, if it were not important, Google probably wouldn't have taken the time to pre-announce it on multiple occasions. So you have less than two months to make sure your site is ready to go before the update starts to roll out.
If your URL is not deemed mobile-friendly, Google will tell you specific reasons, as well as info about how Googlebot sees it, and resources to help you fix issues.
To make sure a custom theme is mobile-friendly, view the theme from the admin panel of your CMS and look for words like "mobile" or "responsive" in the documentation, and if there's a demo template available, put the URL into Google's mobile-friendly test tool. To get into the technical details of making a site mobile-friendly, you're going to want to take a look at the documentation on Google's Web Fundamentals site.
The Web Starter Kit section is broken into three parts: Set Up Web Starter Kit, Development Phases, and How to Use the Style Guide. Of course even though these documents are long, you're probably still going to want to read them.
The "Choose your mobile configuration" section deals with understanding different devices and key points in going mobile, selecting mobile configuration, and answers frequently asked questions.
The "common mistakes" part talks about blocking JavaScript, CSS and image files, unplayable content, faulty redirects, mobile-only 404s, app download interstitials, irrelevant cross-links, and slow mobile pages.
This whole mobile SEO guide is far too extensive to get into here, but you do need to know about it, and you're going to want to go through it and make sure you're not overlooking anything. Google has additional resources available with its Mobile Playbook, Think with Google for the Mobile Platform, and its Multi-Screen Success Stories. Building a visually stunning website is not enough to ensure any success for your online presence. Regardless of what method you use you build your site (see this link for our preferred methods), there are always things you can do to ensure that your site design and content complies with the conventions of search engines. Some people immediately disadvantage themselves on this score by using a Content Management System such as WordPress and leaving URL generation on the default settings.
As you can see, this makes little sense, and tells neither humans nor Web search spiders what the content is about. The first link is a dynamic URL; not only is it unfriendly to search engines but to users as well. It’s actually really easy to make WordPress generate friendly URLs instead of dynamic ones.
Obviously Google (and the other search engines) don’t ever reveal how their algorithms work. The current school of thought is that Google’s algorithm is sufficiently sophisticated to distinguish between genuine, quality copy, and keyword-stuffed bulk content.
People often concentrate too much on text content when working on SEO, but forget about their images. Keep your file sizes small – you can use an image editor like Photoshop to reduce the size of your images (usually by reducing the quality or dimensions). Remember the importance of alternative (alt) text, which allows you to include a keyword in the description of the image. An XML sitemap isn’t the same as the HTML sitemap we see on some sites that can help readers with navigation.
An XML sitemap is a structured list of URLs intended for search engines, to help them find all your posts and pages and index them more easily.
Current indications are that the likes of Google and Bing now give far more importance to the authority of your site on social media. So, add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages and urge visitors to share the content if they enjoyed reading it.
Changing the permalink on your website is a simple but very effective way to get a higher search ranking.
A very popular thing done by bloggers these days but believe it or not Google knows that you have just copied and pasted that from another website and this will seriously lower your rankings in Google searches. Users searching Google are usually looking for high quality content, and lot’s of it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Read previous post:Making the most of the 404 pageWhen a page is missing or spelt wrong on your website visitors are redirected to your 404 page.
One question arises is that after that many strict rules, why most of the publishers tend to prefer Google Adsense on other PPC (Pay Per Click) programs???
Adsense is owned by a company (Google) which is too widely spread and has got a sort of Monopoly over the web since more than a decade.
The reason to the high paying rates is due to the confidence of Advertisers on Google Adsense. Adwords program always gives 100% results to the advertisers and provide anti-bot and anti-spam services, so advertisers prefer this quality advertising system rather than other comparatively unsecured ones. Don’t rush for quick money, rather post such stuff which gives your website a nice ranking. I’ve collected 10 MUST-TO-DO tasks which you must follow before applying to Google Adsense program and I am sure they will help you. So, let us learn how to create a good reputation before applying for Google Adsense program to have our applicationeasily approved. Don’t use any extra fancy images or banner which might increase the size of your page and reduce the quality of your page. Just write descriptively focusing on some close sets of key words which are highly trending. Acting upon Adsense Terms and Conditions is the simplest key to stop your account from being blocked.
Also have a look at Adsense Program Policies which might also give you some useful knowledge. Blocked account FAQ and Google Adsense Group is the best way to know the reasons for which your Adsense account account might be blocked or disapproved.

So, as in Google Product Forums, all the users having problems with Adsense or those with blocked Adsense accounts post, you might know some valuable information. Try to add some basic building blocks in your blog that make it look like a professional website. Content Quality and its source is a major factor on which Adsense pals approve or disapprove an application. Rather try to write some innovative and informative stuff and let the world know what you are writing about by focusing on SEO. Examining successful people and copying their patterns in very common practice in the race of life. So, search some high page rank and High Alexa Rank website which are displaying Google Ads and also earning well from them.
A question arises in our mind that what should be the best time for us to apply for Google Adsense. The main reason due to which I do not recommend applying before 800 users is that your earning is totally dependant on your daily pageviews. Google Webmaster Tools are a nice way to analyze your website’s performance and their Search Engine Performance. Its Rich Snippets Testing Tool helps to check that Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results.
External links and broken links reduce the rank of your page and also reduce your audience. Pingdom Pageload Checker is really a tool worth trying which tells you pageload, broken links, external links, loading time for each external link and many other things. Adsense itself has given some webmaster quality guidelines for the webmaster to enjoy good Ad publishing experience.
How to Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly & Ready for Google’s Search Algorithm Ranking? Hence, I present these SEO tips and tricks 2013 to make your website search engine friendly. Google offers free tools such as Google Webmasters and Google Analytics to monitor bounce rate and clickthrough rate of your website. Channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest can help expand your brand presence.
In the race to have top global rankings, businesses often forget consolidating on local presence. If you have posts under your name on your website, associate them with your Google Authorship profile. While short downtimes do not affect the website much, longer periods can affect traffic and user experience.
This is especially true of ecommerce sites where filer parameters such as product name, product price and product brand create duplicate content. Broken Links, 404 Pages and webpages with duplicate content negatively affect search engine rankings. Unethical SEO tactics may work, but eventually you will be caught off-guard, and penalized heavily.
This will remain just one of many signals Google takes into account when ranking content, but it's going to be an important one. It probably also wouldn't be sending webmasters messages about their sites when they're not mobile friendly. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns," Google says. Reasons a page isn't mobile friendly might include things like: "content wider than screen," "uses incompatible plugins," "links too close together," "text too small to read," "mobile viewport not set," etc. Google provides a dedicated guide for each one of these platforms for making your site mobile-friendly. Google also suggests making sure the template is fast by checking the Speed section of PageSpeed Insights and making sure the Speed section has no issues marked as "should fix". Here, you'll find options for your first multi-device site and starting your site with the Web Starter kit.
The "Signal your configuration to search engine" section talks about responsive web design, dynamic serving, and separate URLs.
That last part talks about configuring for tablets and feature phones (when Google says mobile, it's referring to smartphones).
This is the case if you have skills required to implement the steps from Google's guides discussed above or if you are able to use a responsive theme.
It's good for your site visitors, and could mean the difference in getting a conversion or not. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of increasing visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. The second link is static and more user-friendly since we can easily figure out what the page is about – and so will Google. If you fail to include relevant keywords in your content, Google may never find it – however good it is.
You can use it to get an idea of how many people search for different phrases, and how hot the competition is to get ranked for them. However, it seems that the likes of Google do pay considerable attention to images when determining search engine positions.
This will reduce your site loading times and make your website experience more optimal for readers.
If your content is shared by more people, it is an indication that you have something of value to give your site visitors.
If you are using a CMS like WordPress, this can be achieved by installing a social sharing plugin with a few clicks of the mouse button. This is because the more Google loves their website then the higher they will appear in searches.
Having a permalink which is (postid=123) is much harder for Google to rank than a permalink with your post name in. Because of this Google also wants you to provide a good amount of high quality content for your visitors.
A nice impression website might be proved to you a very effective strategy in Adsense Earning.

So  before appluing for adsense, first go through thoroughly from Adsense Terms and Conditions.
There are many methods of increasing website traffic which could be easily adapted to increase our traffic. And if you apply when your user are 50 or 100, you might get a Account block because at that time your website is new and you do not know much about Quality posting and also you do not get much money. These tools help you know the total indexed pages of your website on Google search enging and also allow you to submit your website’s site map to Google that will index your pages on Google. I suggest you to consult with Webmaster Quality Guidelines before applying for Google Adsense.
When you implement the techniques mentioned here, you will gain a significant advantage over your competitors, and generate more organic search traffic. The URL is the first address that allows both the user and the search engines to understand the content of a web page. Suppose your website is for selling flowers, and your current URL reads fs.html?id=56 , would that help the user or search engine understand the content? Unless you know which keywords you want to promote, all other promotion techniques fall apart. If you have a website where content is updated regularly, you will climb up the rankings fast. Internal linking brings back the old posts, while also providing useful information to users. The more plus ones you receive, the faster and better you will rank on search engines like Google. It is the only server-side code which shows that a page has permanently moved to a new address.
Are you tracking the impact of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? More importantly, you should focus on getting relevant citations from high authority websites. Even forgetting Google's own messaging, it's just common sense that this is an important signal. While Google elaborates here, it recommends asking to see your developer's references and portfolio of mobile sites, making sure they understand your mobile customer, asking them to make a commitment to speed, having them install web analytics, making sure they're aware of Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and making sure the contract includes improving the mobile site after the initial launch. Things can get more expensive if you have to hire the developer, so some sites are going to have to make a big choice.
The search visibility will also help in that area, and it's also likely that it will end up helping you in other search engines besides Google. It therefore helps to make sure your content makes sense to these spiders, starting with your URL structure.
Alt text is also vital for the visually impaired, as screen reading software will read the alt text to help them understand the page content. This is why Google will rank pages which it cant see lots of content on at a better position in searches. So, if you’ve got a beautiful blog design with some professional look, it will surely have a good impression on Adsense pals.
If you have got such posts or data on your site which includes any sort of DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) Voilation, remove it before applying for Google Adsense, otherwise you’ll have no success…! Google ranking algorithm changes such as Penguin and Panda often keep webmasters on their toes. Right from choosing a domain name to deciding a design, ensure that your website attracts users. Free keyword tools such as Google Keyword tool and Wordtracker offer much information about keyword selection. Term Frequency (TF) and Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) metrics help filter entities, which further facilitates query-refinement. Therefore, use local web directories such as Yellowpages, Whitepages and Yelp for promoting your website locally. Your site should render well on all popular mobile devices such as android smartphones, iPhones and tablets.
Many, many people spend the majority of their Internet time on their mobile devices, and many others still spend some of it that way. They say it will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide, and have "a significant impact" in search results. In this post i will explain some of the best ways that you can get Google to love your website. However, if you follow ethical methods to generate traffic, Penguin and Panda will be your best friends.
If you plan to add the keyword to the domain, make sure you choose a relevant name that could add value to your brand. Take advantage of this transparency to analyze your competitors using tools such as Alexa and Opensiteexplorer.
Using 301 redirects, you ensure that your visitors access the latest posts on your website. If you have a basic template that's used for the majority of your site's content, that will probably help a great deal, but use it to test as much of your site as is realistic. Still, there are issues that webmasters and developers do not address while creating a website.
The navigation should be user-friendly, and should have text links to link to other pages on your website. If you want to get that extra edge, make sure you analyze the TF-IDF score before developing content. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you're doing yourself and your potential customers a disservice, regardless of how Google is ranking your content.

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