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Bennett stars in the immensely popular “It’s Not Complicated” campaign for AT&T, a series of ads in which he plays the wry, deadpan moderator of a focus group populated by precocious children.
Bennett channels the earnest ludicrousness of Stephen Colbert for the series, in which he grills child panelists on egregiously age-inappropriate hot-button issues of the day: gay marriage, Libya, American debt, Trayvon Martin.
A follow-up titled “Unbelievable Dinner,” which spoofs the scene in Hook when the Lost Boys eat a meal created entirely in their imagination, won Good Neighbor more fans—including one by the name of Steven Spielberg, who sent the boys a short note of encouragement saying he thought the video was funny.
His father was so certain that Beck’s passion was acting that he even jokingly offered him a convertible to stay on the football team. In "Peter's Got Woods", Glenn Quagmire reveals he has a son who lives in Madrid, he looks like Quagmire but, with a Spanish mustache, a striped shirt and a ponytail and he speaks Spanish and puts "Giggity" in between words. In "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing", it is revealed Quagmire may have kids at Martin Mull Elementary, where he locates them in a Spanish class, a Special Education class, and Peter Griffin's third grade class. When stopping at the Atlantic City Gentleman's Club in "Joe's Revenge", Peter inquires if Quagmire had ever been to Atlantic City before and he admitted he'd last been there about twenty years ago. He has some scattered IMDb credits—an episode of Last Man Standing, a movie called The Roommate—but most of his acting gigs come from the YouTube videos he creates with Good Neighbor.
As a favor to a casting director friend, Bennett read Will Ferrell’s part, Ron Burgundy, during casting sessions for the female lead in Anchorman.
We will not share your email with anyone for any reason“He based it off my Ron Burgundy,” he teases. Is there a danger that, like Stephanie Courtney (that talented actress playing Flo) or Paul Marcarelli (Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now?” pitchman for nine years), he will become too identified with his hit ads?

They say "Daddy?" every time Quagmire wanders in, except for the Spanish kid who says "Papa?" instead, much to his distress. For instance in Peter's class a child looks just like Quagmire so when Quagmire comes in pretending to be Peter's dad Mrs. Now get to know Beck Bennett, the breakout actor behind the ads.Never work with animals or children.
The group first gained notoriety in 2007 with the viral video “Pregnant Jamie Lynn Speaks Out.” Shot after news broke that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant, the video plays like it was shot by TMZ, with paparazzi lurking to get an exclusive comment from Jamie Lynn about the baby news. Bennett’s a glass case of emotion about the experience, especially after watching Ferrell’s performance on film.
Marcarelli, for one, is on record as slightly bitter about the stranglehold his tenure as the Verizon guy had on his life and the mess it left when ties were severed.
He then goes to the teachers lounge, where he and another teacher decide to have unprotected sex. As a result, the once up-and-coming actor has been beamed into millions of American households countless times since the campaign’s launch in November. In special education it is a child with some type of special needs but with the face of Quagmire for the most part. Breakout actor Beck Bennett, however, would kindly disagree—with the second part, at least. The nation, judging by the social-media buzz and YouTube views the ads receive, is very amused.

Both ubiquitous and beloved at this point, Bennett has joined hallowed pantheon of cherished ad stars, alongside the likes of Flo from Progressive, Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now?” guy, and Wendy the Snapple lady. It’s a weird wardrobe.”That Bennett excels in the smash campaign’s straight-man role makes sense.
A member of the comedy troupe Good Neighbor, which he formed with three friends while studying acting at the University of Southern California, Bennett created several Web series prior to landing the AT&T gig.
I haven’t gotten a thank-you card yet.”While Bennett may not have been destined to recite “I am Ron Burgundy” on film, that he would be an actor was always a foregone conclusion. While in high school just outside Chicago, he enrolled in classes at the famed Second City improv school. So far, this has been only good for my career.”The career includes a pilot in the works with Comedy Central that he’s developing with his Good Neighbor buddies. Funny or Die’s Adam McKay, who coincidentally directed Anchorman, has signed on as one of the producers.
In Bennett’s ideal world, life after AT&T would include that pilot going to series, with some indie comedy roles filmed in his off time.

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