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This a Tokyo area group for people who want to make REAL friends & connections while they are in Japan. Sometimes it is a bit difficult for a woman to find places to go to by herself, so this sounds good! We don't have a million organisers scattered everywhere, with you not knowing who to talk to at any given event, I try to be the hostess with the mostest and although I obviously can't be at every single event (most though!) I am fully accessible via phone or email to answer any questions, queries, suggestions, hopes, dreams, fears etc that you may have.
This group used to be for singles who were the third wheel in a midst of all their coupled friends, but we've expanded and evolved way beyond that, it's all about the people and the friendships we build.

So, if you're up for laughs with fellow "Brisbanites" for magnificent events, belly laughs and hopefully some general hilarious and random conversation with good times, we hope to see you soon! Our members are mostly young professionals, in their 20s-30s, and come from all walks of life. We have lots of new, interesting and varied fun events all over Brisbane, happening on a very frequent basis! This group recently had 282 new members join in one month alone and 53 members in just one week!

We will do activities such as social gatherings, picnics, ethnic restaurant meetups, Karaoke, Language exchange, Culture exchange, cooking parties, day trips, outdoor events, BBQs, Japanese cultural events, Volunteer opportunities, Live music, Dancing, Art events, and other related things!

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