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Practice is defined as the application of a skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency.
If you think about your overall quality of life, it is basically made up by the accumulation of moments. This is a great place for any person to begin when it comes to improving their life so that it works… on all levels.
In a relatively short period of time, you can develop an entirely new skill set that serves you better and improves the overall quality of your life. When my kids were younger growing up this is one of the basic principals I drilled into them that you basically get out of life what you put into it. The message that I wanted them to understand was if they were not happy with their situation in life they needed to do something about it. Regarding this article, for the past several years I have worked more on being positive than ever before.
You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). To really get the most out of a voice over practice session, you should plan on recording your voice. One of the easiest and best ways to learn a new skill is by modeling someone who is already successful. Although these practice guidelines are useful, there’s no substitute for a great coach who can help you create a step by step development plan and prepare you for your demo. Susan Berkley is a top voice over artist and founder of The Great Voice Company, a company devoted to teaching great voices around the world how to become successful voice over actors.
Professional voice over training and voice coaching via online training courses, workshops and seminars for voice over talents and voice actors.
If you want to get good at hockey, reading, piano, singing, or any other engaged activity, you have to practice. I think most people would agree that the highest achievers in an area of life are those who practice the most.

What I mean is that we are going about our day and we react and respond to events based on how we have conditioned ourselves to do so.
This actually did take some practice but has proven to be the best choice I could have made. I have been very busy although I did do 30 straight blog post updates for my 30 day challenge in June. It is pretty easy to move into a negative frame of mind whenever something goes wrong but sounds like you have done a good job not letting that bog you down. But what’s the best way to practice your voice over skills to improve and get more comfortable behind the mic?
Fortunately in our business, it’s easy to find samples of working voice actors just by turning on the TV or radio and listening to commercials.
We have several programs at The Great Voice Company where we can work with you remotely or in a professional studio at our Voice Over Boot camp Recording studio Immersion Experience. The Great Voice Company is an international leader in voice over training and in providing top quality voice over recordings in all languages to discerning businesses and marketers. Sometimes you are in a positive state and other times you are negative; and there a varying degrees of intensity in between. If we have spent the majority of our lives practicing an anger response when things don’t go our way, we have become very proficient at being angry.
I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore, not even the big stuff really, I do my best to be a problem solver now instead of reacting in ways that useless.
At the very least, you’ll need a professional USB microphone that plugs directly into your computer. If you’re on a MAC you can also use the Garageband software that came with your computer.
Likewise, if you have spent the majority of your life reacting with laughter to various events and circumstances, you have become proficient at maintaining positivity.
For any result that is not positive, examine what you have been practicing in that area of your life.

But if you need to get up a few minutes early or go to bed a few minutes later to make sure you have time to practice, do it. After a few practice sessions you’ll get the hang of how to record and edit your files. If your current result is that you get angry and upset whenever the slightest thing goes wrong, think about how you can practice changing that result. It’s up to us to choose to sit around wallowing in our own pity or standing up and finding a way to love our lives.
The built in mic or little external microphone that comes with your computer isn’t good enough to give you accurate feedback on your performance and the sound of your voice.
You can actually begin looking for the next “opportunity” for something to go wrong so that you can practice a new response. Using the category listings, find a few talents whose vocal type is similar to yours and model the voices you hear on the demos. Just like learning an instrument or sport, it may not go smoothly the first time but it is a start. As a professional courtesy, please be sure you don’t take copy from other voice talents demos to use on your demo when you make it.
Then you do it again and again and each repetition gives you an opportunity to get stronger.
In a pinch, a good set of ear buds will do but be sure to upgrade to professional headphones later. How do you set a goal for your practice that isn't beyond your reach yet challenges you to go into the workshop?  3.

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