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As per your guy’s response, narrate exactly what you feel like doing to him and how you think he is going to respond. If you are in a long distance relationship or you want to excite your guy for the pleasures to come, you can send dirty texts to them, get them excited and have an amazing time in the sack.
You can say “I am thinking about you and in a very dirty way” This will get your guy’s pulse racing.
Then you can build up some further anticipation by saying things like “you know if we were together I would__”.
End the conversation with “I can’t wait for tonight” and prepare for an amazing time in the sack.
Let’s say for example that the both of you are on your way home, how can you quickly turn your guy on without actually being there. The funny thing is that most women simply do not try and heat things up by sending their man dirty and naughty text messages. Try sending your guy a text while he is at work to get him excited to see you and tell him exactly what you want to do to him.

You just need to make a conscious effort to spice things up and you could be rocking each other’s world once again. If you are able to create a dirty and clear image of your actions in the minds of your lover, you are a successful ‘dirty texter’! You know what your guy likes best so you can go ahead and write down what you think you will do to him. You can also be as descriptive as possible to make your guy’s head spin and beg you to say more and more. What you are looking to achieve is being able to make your guy feel that he has had the dirty experience with you even if he is far away. The idea here is to establish a conversation where you are able to sense your guy’s anticipation and interest. One of the basic mistakes made by girls while dirty texting is that they make their text ‘vulgar’, without the buildup. Now what you should do is try to take control and describe your partner’s actions and experience as well.

So whether you’re communicating with text on your phone or private chatting online, there really is no better place to learn how to talk dirty without the fear of embarrassment from either side. One of the most basic but glaring dirty texting mistakes is the fact that girls end up dictating their own fantasies leaving their guy out of the overall experience. As you’re not face-to-face with your lover, there is plenty of room to get their imagination running wild. So go ahead girls be bold, ask for what you want from your guy, and spell it out, literally!

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