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Take a new pencil and stretch elastic band such that it reaches all along the length of the pencil (unsharpened).
Also, if you’re wondering how I get my bun SO FUN, check out THIS RAD video tutorial.
I know this is gonna sound weird (hopefully not stalkerish) But I totally had a dream that I babysat Gigi, last night. HAHAHAHAHA I feel like we know each other (on the Internets!) well enough that this is actually just really funny! Though it has completely phased out in the last 2 centuries because of the rise of gun powder, it is still used in hunting and in sports activities. These days bow and arrows are made from metal alloys and are designed following a strict instructions set.

A rubber band can also be used in place of elastic, but it will reduce the range of your bow. Do not make it too pointy, the purpose of sharpening is to improve the flight of the arrow, and hence improve the range of the shot.
These bows are INCREDIBLY easy to make, but there is a bit of a trick to figuring out how to get them to look so flouncy. Preferably something with polyester, as it doesn’t wrinkle and can have optimal flounce.
The pencil should be sitting snugly within the ends of the elastic band which will be attached to it at both ends. Measure about 5 degrees from the straight line on both sides and mark two additional lines.

This is Heather’s fun bun, HUGE thank you to her bun, and her buns for taking all these GORG pictures. Then I started noticing that all the teenagers were putting these adorable bows in the bottom of their buns.

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