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Fish oil is reported to have some great properties, and can be used as a supplement for the diet in many animals.
The best person to advise you if fish oil is appropriate is the veterinarian who you have already seen.
At this point, you can rule out diseases that respond to the application of fish oil on the skin and move on to other possibilities. News, articles, must-have info, contests and more for owners of all exotic, small mammal pets.
See the winners from the Sporting, Terrier and Working Group and meet the new Westminster Best in Show Winner. On the second night of competition singers from the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem gave us a different and entertaining rendition of the national anthem.
Taking Sporting Group First was one of the top dogs in the country, yet another female leading the pack in group competition, GCh.
Judge Sam Houston McDonald, a Sporting Group authority and longtime Irish Setter breeder, gave second in the group to the Black Cocker Spaniel, who was top sporting dog several years ago, Ch. An import from Sweden who has taken off in this country with more than 30 Best in Shows, GCh. Guinea pigs at the Pignic just "chillax” while waiting for the veggie eating contest or costume contest. The Pignic takes place on a lawn at the Irvine Animal Care Center, so everyone is encouraged to bring their own chair and canopies or umbrellas to provide shade from the sun for their guinea pigs and themselves. Once you stake out a spot on the lawn, it’s time to roam the vendor booths to check out amazing guinea pig products, some of which you might not see anywhere else. Refreshments will be available, and you will need them as you browse the many, many products in the silent auction and items up for raffle.
For more fun, walk around and talk to other Pignic attendees to meet their guinea pigs and hear their stories about life with guinea pigs. If that’s not enough, several events are scheduled throughout the day, including a talk about guinea pig health by Dr.
The four hours of the Pignic are truly packed, and by the end you’ll likely be exhausted but very happy. Sleeping with their eyes open, jumping 6 feet and spraying are just some of the behaviors to expect from amazing chinchillas. For chinchillas, day is night and night is day — as in, their normal sleep cycle has them sleeping most of the day and awake from dusk until dawn. A chinchilla might not look athletic, but this little critter can, in fact, be a sprightly jumper.
A chinchilla’s whiskers can be a prominent facial feature, and these long, wiry hairs are sensitive to the touch to give the chinchilla a literal feel for his environment.
Similar to dogs that raise the hairs on their backs or necks when they become excited, an excited or nervous chin might part the hair on his tail. Chinchillas require a special type of "dust" to bathe in; it can't be dirt from your backyard.
A less-welcomed behavior pet chinchillas do is spray urine on perceived threats — their not-so-subtle way of saying, "Back off!” So be prepared for the possibility of being met with a spray when you approach your chin’s cage or when you attempt to scoop him up in your arms, especially if your chin is not used to you yet. The chinchillas you saw at the pet store were likely quiet (especially if it was during the day, a time when they are naturally drowsy). When a chinchilla perceives something unfamiliar in the environment, he will stand up to get a better sense of things. A chinchilla that is in a playful mood will do what a lot of toddlers do when happy — jump and hop around!
Sugar gliders are native to Australia and are also found in Tasmania, so region-inspired names can be especially fitting: Mel (Melbourne), Queenie (Queensland), Canby (Canberra) and Taz (Tasmania). Margulies said that they also had to come up with names for a seven-member colony of male sugar gliders. Dwarf hamsters wean at about 3 weeks of age and must be separated by sex at 3.5 to 5 weeks of age to prevent pregnancies. Excerpt from the Popular Critters Series magabook Hamsters with permission from its publisher, I-5 Publishing, LLC. Like this article? Three common health problems that cannot be ignored in hedgehogs are mites, cancer and neurologic disease. Pet hedgehogs enjoy enrichments in their habitat, including items to climb on, toys and an exercise wheel.

It may be that the condition has changed since you last brought your guinea pig to the veterinarian and, before starting treatment, it would be best to consult with him or her. Kalm Sea’s To Have And To Hold was an obvious audience favorite, drawing enthusiastic cheering support. Claircreek Impression De Matisse added to his laurels by sweeping the Working Group for the second straight year, this time under Judge Clay Coady. The sheer quantity of products and services donated is sure to amaze, and keep in mind that all proceeds benefit the guinea pigs helped by OCCH. In the wild, chinchillas live in burrows or in rock crevices, places that offer safe havens for them to take cover so they can get some stress-free sleep. Not only are they likely to startle at the slightest noise, they are inclined to sleep with their eyes open, especially in a new environment. Their fur is much too dense for water and takes so long to dry that it retains moisture close to the skin, which can make it a hotbed for fungal growth. And chinchilla aficionados report that chinchillas will hold their tails down when they flee so as to better protect themselves from having their tails grabbed by a predator.
Give your chinchilla time to adjust to you and his new surroundings and don’t force interactions — a good approach if you want to be pee-free! It is referred to as "fur slip,” and it will leave a bald spot on the chinchilla right in the area where the animal was touched.
This makes names like Glider, Glidy, Jumping Jack Flash and FoxFlight seem like a natural fit.
Sugar gliders are similar to kangaroos and other marsupials in that after giving birth, the tiny baby crawls into the mother’s pouch for further development.
Be warned — like all young animals, baby hamsters are fast, unpredictable and extremely wriggly! This removal is necessary to eliminate the chance that the father hamster might impregnate his daughter(s). Siblings from the previous litter will also help if the mother hamster allows them to remain in her cage. Groom a longhaired male hamster with a soft brush or small comb when it’s young to get it used to the process of removing mats and tangles. Litters are conceived when the female is around 8 to 9 weeks old, so there isn’t the same urgency to split the sexes as with Syrian hamsters.
Once they mature at around 12 weeks of age, however, fights can occur that may cause serious injury. Long hair could get caught in the spindle and be pulled from the hamster or painfully trap the hamster. See I took in a mom, a dad, and their 6 kids because the person who owned them first were going to kill them by feeding them to his snake. They were originally from central and eastern Africa, but most pet hedgehogs are now bred in captivity. This is when the hedgehog puts a new object into his mouth, produces a lot of foamy saliva, and then licks the saliva onto his quills and skin.
She is the product of Greg Siner’s very successful Poole’s Ide breeding program, which has produced many Best in Show and specialty winners in this charming but rare spaniel breed. This English Springer has had a very successful past couple of months, Best in Show at the huge American Spaniel Club specialty and Best in Shows at the big Cleveland shows in December. This is the highest placement a Mastiff has achieved in the 138-year history of Westminster. Most people bring their healthy guinea pigs, and their day begins by checking in and having their guinea pigs receive a quick health-check and a bit of grooming before entry (these are included in the price of admission). That peculiar creature with cute little arms, perky ears and a squirrely tail is none other than a chinchilla. How about a small, omnivorous, arboreal and nocturnal gliding possum that belongs to the marsupial infraclass? And, with a sweet reputation, it should come as no surprise that many pet sugar gliders have names reflecting the same.
A mother that is tired after rearing the litter, however, may try to drive the females away just as she would in the wild.
This isn’t a concern with the Syrian species because they’re solitary and shouldn’t share a cage. Remember to remove the first litter from the cage by the time they are 5 weeks old to avoid any more unplanned pregnancies!

If a female dwarf is paired with an older male, however, conception can take place earlier (2 to 3 months of age). In such a case, you must split the pair into separate cages or, in the case of a colony, remove the one being bullied to a separate cage. Instead of a wheel, longhaired hamsters more than 12 weeks old can play in cardboard tubes suspended in the cage or large "play boxes” outside the cage, equipped with lots of tubes, mazes and seesaws.
I had a hamster before but only one so I had no idea on how Ishould deal with a whole family of them.
Shown to perfection, Sky strikes a pose indoors or out, at whatever hour of the day or night.
And it's all thanks to Orange County Cavy Haven that the guinea pig Pignic happens again this Sunday, August 10.
Your pet chinchilla will love to take a dust bath, but before you reach for that shovel to dig up some dirt in your yard, know that chinchillas need dirt specifically designed for them to dust-bathe in, which is available in most pet stores or from online suppliers. And the fact that they are up at night surely inspired monikers such as Night Star, Luna, Luna Marie, Stella Luna and Sleepy Sugar Boy.
Male Syrians are more docile and might live together slightly longer than females, but sooner or later they will want their own space.
However, some litters are conceived at 2 to 3 months of age regardless of whether a female dwarf is paired with an older male. Purchase a larger wheel immediately if you notice your hamster arching its back while running in the wheel.
The hamsters were just brought to me last night but before they brought them, the girl who was bringing them told me she found 6 newborns when she was getting ready to change the bedding.
Some hedgehogs also become lethargic and eat less when suffering from severe mite infestation. This is the fourth year OCCH has organized this fun event to celebrate guinea pigs and bring guinea pig owners and enthusiasts together. A grunting chinchilla, on the other hand, is contact calling — his way of staying in contact with others in his colony (the name for a group of chinchillas), and your chinchilla might consider you part of the herd if he’s bonded to you. The resulting litter may not survive, though, because of the immaturity of the female hamster. I left them all in 1 cage still because I was watching them and saw how they all took turns with the newborns.
The sugar glider’s scientific name — Petaurus breviceps — really does translate to short-headed rope dancer in Latin, and it is in reference to this marsupial’s canopy acrobatics. My mom put her 2 in a cage that she went and bought and the first hamster she put in the cage kept attacking the 2nd one. Hedgehogs are solitary in the wild, and pet hedgehogs will do better if only one hedgehog is kept in the enclosure. They even have a thick muscle that tightens the skin around the edges of their body when they roll up. Some hedgehogs can have mite infestations without the obvious loss of quills and skin problems. Hedgehogs are also prone to cancers of the reproductive tract, lymphoma of the gastrointestinal tract, mammary gland tumors, and other cancers of the abdominal organs. The sweet part of the common name acknowledges the animal’s preference for sweet, nectarous foods. Skin mites are usually treated with ivermectin injections or with selamectin (Revolution) applied topically to the skin. So there you have it, an acrobatic, sweet-loving marsupial that is also a much-loved exotic companion pet in many states across the United States, although it is illegal to own in some areas, including the states of Alaska, California and Hawaii.
If the hedgehog just has ear mites, then eardrop medications (for cat ear mites) can be used or ivermectin or selamectin can be used just like for skin mites.
And the fighting didn't start until after the 1st hamster that got moved had gotten a taste of being alone. Unfortunately there is no treatment that works for wobbly hedgehog syndrome, so euthanasia should be considered when the quality of life is lowered.

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