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Determine what your message should be, what the rewards are for your customers, and make sure they understand how those rewards affect them. I just finished reading a blog post that presented me with unfinished sentence that made me squirm uncomfortably in my chair.
Don’t get me wrong, I would never take back the experiences of meeting all of these amazing couples, and learning from their years of wisdom and experience. At some point, I have to make some sort of justifiable income (I’m working on ideas) or I have to walk away. It terrifies me to keep living in abject poverty, but it also terrifies me to give up this dream. The thing that keeps me going is the constant support, the kind notes, the loving texts, and the uplifting messages I receive from so many of you. I don’t want you to know that I have fears, discouragements, heartbreaks, and doubts. I know that what you didn’t want me to know is something that I really appreciate knowing. I don’t want you to know that no matter how much success I have, no matter how many people love me and believe in me, no matter how many moments of true belief in my self I have, deep down I still think of myself as damaged goods, broken. And then there are also so many conflicting and contradicting thoughts about so many questions that I get mixed up in my own thoughts about it, and it seems like life is over in this regard, and maybe I’ll just stay where I was all this time. I want you to know that I’m afraid to finish my life without ever coming up with something as meaningful and fresh as your project. But I do not see any reason why passion, inspiration, love, kindness, gratitude and growth can’t make the difference over time. So be scared, be vulnerable, be loving, be inspired, be passionate, and most of all, be the most kind, grateful and best person you can be.
PS: If you ever need a friend, I also believe that we gain strength through our connections to others. Winning a Guinness World Record for biggest biceps in the world, even though he used synthol to get arms that big. Overwatch Transhumanism "This Ugly Son of a Bitch" Ad Parodies Katie Price's Son Says C-Word on Live TV The Prolific Output of China's 50 Cent Party Snapchat's Dog Filter Game of Thrones: "Hold The Door" Eye Rolling Robert Downey Jr.

Image Details 1,223 views (0 from today) Uploaded Dec 24, 2013 at 04:31PM EST Origin Entry Cringeworthy “Cringeworthy” (a portmanteau of the words “cringe” and “worthy”) is an Internet slang term used to describe a wide range of social media blunders and FAILs that may evoke feelings of awkwardness, embarrassment or even pity. The tide turned against them in the last decade of the last century (WOW that sounds like a long time ago).
I felt like I was drowning emotionally – clawing my way to some invisible surface in the hopes that I might breathe in great gulps of calm and freedom from the crushing anxiety consciously weighing down on me. I never imagined it would place me at the feet of some of the most amazing couples this world has to offer.
I’ve felt the overpowering, radiating glow of true care and affection between two (sometimes more than two) people. I believe that just like art, language, and music, love is a skill that can be developed and mastered if you have the right training, mentors, and a high level of commitment.
After allowing that belief into my heart I found my husband, and I have never felt more full, more belonging, more beautiful emotion, more whole.
Allow yourself to be loved and feel love, allow yourself to be more generous, more honest, and more authentic.
And it’s this refusal to accept that I am a whole and unbroken human being that stops me from thinking I deserve great love. At one point I just decided to love my life as it was, then at another point, I decided to open my heart and later still, decided I wanted my soul mate or was fine alone. Thank you for being real and honest; you help everyone when you express what we think so that we are not alone.
Your imperfections DO NOT make you unlovable, and your baggage does not have to make you incapable of loving. It went from trying to fan someone’s smoke away from our face and food to having smokers huddle outside in all types of weather to smoke (if they are even allowed to do that!).
They might not buy one 50 weeks a year, but in those cases the rewards seem to justify the action.
I’ve had the privilege of sitting across from complete strangers at kitchen tables across America as they shared the most intimate details of their lives.
I’ve built the site, written well over 100 posts, recorded and edited all the podcasts, and tried hard to build a meaningful community where people can grow and experience more love in their lives.

I don’t want to go back to normal office life, sitting inside a carpet-walled cubicle for 8-10 hours per day.
If the comments are too public, I’d love for you to drop me a line (loveumentary[at]gmail[dot]com) and tell me privately.
My hope is that little by little, every allowance I give myself will land me in the middle of everything I have ever hoped to experience and become. I’d just end up hating myself and my life, and it goes in a downwards spiral from there. This is an infinite happiness to find your true devotion at the age when you can truly enjoy the adventure. It went from one aisle of the plane being non-smoking and the next aisle being smoking to a federal offense if you light up on board. Are the positive rewards of doing something (buying your product or using your service) needed, understood, and readily available? In a little over an hour, I’ve laughed, wept, and cheered over the life stories of newly-made friends. Sure, it would put money in the bank… but it would also rob me of the time and energy I need to help The Loveumentary spread like I dream it can. Secondly, I haven’t had a chance to read a whole lot YET, but this was one of the first things that I opened. And, don’t settle for average, because YOU can, at any time, work towards nothing short of exceptional. It ended pretty terribly, but I took that opportunity to really grow into the person I had always wanted to become, but could never before figure out how.
I always thought I was a good person before, but have worked so hard to be the most kind, loving, and most grateful person I can be. Yes, I have my flaws (just like anyone else), but I really think what it comes down to is what you learn in life, and if you feel inspired enough to tackle those things, and work at being the best you can be.

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