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I love you so much, it makes me cry because I know that when it finally happened that someone will take you away or you would have to leave. The sweet feeling of being loved or being in love with someone gives you the courage to do anything.
Love can happen with brother and sisters, father, mother, cousins and other relations in life.
If you have no words and you want to express your love for someone then these quotes can serve the best purpose for you. Just write your favourite quote which truly expresses your feelings for that person in your text message and send it to the desired person.

Some people can’t explain this word, but they can show love to their beloved one by actions.In Islam, Love for stranger girl is not allowed. Apart from that, I love you quotes can also be written on a card and send to the loved one. Love for a lover is different than other relations it may cause you  happiness or sadness.  People every where even around us are falling in love. Moreover, husband and wife can also share their feelings of love by remembering or saying different quotes. It is also present in other relations like between a mother and a daughter, a father and a son, between brothers and sisters, even in any relation.

It happens mostly when you can’t think of what to say and feel like words stuck around your mind and you are unable to write them down. This thing will definitely freshens their minds and make them feel special during their busy routines.

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