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BUT not everyone can cook.The restaurant business can be relatively easy to get into with the main barriers not having to do so much with ability to cook.
This leads to a high turnover as although new restaurants may draw a lot of interest from patrons looking for the next new thing, one bad experience is all it takes for the bad WOM (Word of Mouth) to get around and soon it will be time to face reality and close the shutters. A fundamental step to establishing any business is ensuring that proper research is done first. Although I partially agree with your statement referencing some restaurants using price competition as the driving force for their day to day business, I do believe these businesses may be trying creative ways to drive some consumer traffic to their locations. Jamaican Till I Die Want My Air Jamaica Back PicturePin Jamaican Till I Die Want My Air Jamaica Back cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. Instead the main challenges are ability to pay for a location, acquire the required equipment and obtain the required licenses and permits from state, county and city agencies. This is great for customers but will extremely low prices allow the restaurant to cover its operational expenses.

Especially in the competitive restaurant business, one needs to determine the demand for Caribbean food in the community of interest, also the type of Caribbean food: Haitian, Bahamian, Cuban, Jamaican. Research, good planning and differentiation may not guarantee success but at least it will give a fighting chance. It is a fact that the economy has affected all of us and these businesses are no different. Therein lies the problem as one does not have to be able to cook tasty food, which is a basic requirement for sustainability…. Other issues that should be determined up front include how much people are willing to pay, whether potential clients prefer to eat in or take-out, the number of meals that are likely to be served on a daily basis, the investment required and whether the business generated will be enough to cover the overall expenses: rent, food costs, payroll, advertising and utilities. Owners probably realize that they need to adopt creative marketing techniques such as lunch specials, offering delivery etc. Even at $3.99, taste and presentation are important or else the restaurant will not survive for too long.

It is a definite plus when said items are also finger licking good, this way the owners can count on repeat patrons. Survival especially through challenging times will depend on having a stable, reliable base of committed patrons who purchase food regularly (at least once or twice weekly). Obviously restaurants are in business to make money, so the appropriate balance of strategy should be utilized to obtain ROI. These patrons should be treated really well even to the point of customizing meals for them in order to solidify the relationship.

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