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After performing some improv the other night, I’m standing downstairs after the show. Besides, you’d hate to pour effort into promoting a show and filling the space with people, only to then drop a steaming pile onstage. Accepted wisdom in the advertising world is that a consumer must see an advertisement at least seven times before they’ll consider making a purchase.
Become an improv evangelist. No need to be a creepy, dead-eyed cultist who chants the Gospel of Improv to everyone in the line at Juiceland. This tip comes from none other than the Artistic Director of The Hideout Theatre, Roy Janik. The thing that PGraph realized while traveling is that we don’t have to leave the stage when our show is over.
And there I was, unable to give them a quick and easy way to learn about my troupe, my show.

But if you’re doing about one show per week, then maybe only promote one of them every 2-3 weeks. There are spoken-word poets who make a (good)  living traveling the world yelling earnest, non-rhyming poetic compositions into microphones. I asked Roy how he and his internationally touring troupe Parallelogramophonograph promote themselves (because they do it better than most). Even if the host is hovering, we can stay down center and say “Thanks for watching us.
Tell your co-workers three weeks in advance, then one week in advance, then the day before, then the day of. You can speak about improv generally or about your show specifically; those are two different Elevator Speeches.
We tell a story, we act it out, and we play these big funny characters, and it’s all a lot of fun.

Plenty of mediocre poets have built a poetry career because they are unashamed to ruthlessly promote themselves. Apparently, fancy executives travel in elevators constantly and must be prepared at any moment to evangelize. They carry more weight than the troupe who makes a Facebook Event for every one of their farts.

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