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The wife of my former preacher posted a picture on Facebook this morning that caught my eye. I just called the church and a nice lady answered the phone who said yes, they do have a Pastor Floyd Ingram, and that was their church sign a while back. In North Carolina, of course, texting while driving is illegal, yet that doesn’t seem to deter folks from doing it. From a galaxy far, far away straight to your inbox, get all the latest news on the 'Force Awakens' right here.

She didn’t seem surprised at all that a North Carolina reporter wanted to know, and she thanked me for calling. The statute says manually entering letters or text to communicate with another person or reading e-mail or a text message carries a $100 fine, plus court costs. From road closures to traffic backups to transportation news, this blog will be a one-stop shop about how folks get around in Southeastern North Carolina. A Chapter 20 Motor Vehicles offense, such as a texting while driving, adds an additional $10 fee, bringing the total fines and court costs to a hefty $288.

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