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In continuity with IDATE's Yearbook 2012 presentations in London, Brussels, Paris and Casablanca, it is now time for us to present you the DigiWorld Summit 2012 Pre-program and brand new website. Many thanks to Bientot La Peniche (website & graphism), Let's Comm To The World (digital communication) and Weezbe (referencement) for this new website!
Most of the tendencies that are currently impacting the digital world can be highlighted by three major disruptions, three real Game Changers: Mobile Everywhere, Content in the Cloud, and Big Data.

Taking place on 14 & 15 November 2012, in Montpellier, South of France, the DigiWorld Summit Plenary Sessions will be devoted to the transversal exploration and study of the current changes and their consequences on the ICTs sectors, while the Executive Seminars will focus on a specific market. Murugavel Janakiraman (CEO of Bharat Matrimony), Calvin Shueh (Director of Web Development at Friendfinder, Inc.), Dr. If you've never been to our events before, you will learn a lot about this industry while at the same time make a lot of friends in the business.

Telecom, Internet and Media markets will be analysed by the most influent decisions makers and the keynotes speeches, panel sessions and round-tables will help us understand the future of the digital world.

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