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Infestation is a Survival Horror MMO that immerses players in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world in which a viral outbreak has decimated the human population leaving in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion.
Open world, post apocalyptic times with only a morsel of supplies as you venture out to find more to survive is just the kind of setup most people would enjoy. Heading to safe zones where you can buy, sell, and store items might seem like a great idea. Even when you die, you are punished with a minute countdown before you can exit to the main menu.
My playtime with every spawn ended up being ten minutes of walking around until I got sniped from another player, killed by zombies clipping through the environment or booted from the server due to punkbuster issues.
Deaths caused by people griefing to their heart’s content and server disconnects wouldn’t be as bad if the system wasn’t designed to milk the player’s wallet dry. Buying Infestation: Survivor Stories is like buying tokens and the tickets are the gameplay.
What Hammerpoint Interactive promised, an open world survival game with endless ways to make your own fun, is exactly the opposite of what was delivered.
Jenni Lada brings us information about all of the groovy new gaming imports from around the world. Ive got 23 mintues on this game based on load time waiting to join a server that insantly crashes every single time. Getting help from fellow players and buying supplies in the shop might give the edge one would need in order to scavenge for more supplies and weapons.

Forced to sit around staring at what used to be your character can be defeating to one’s ego.
In order to get any meaningful experience, you’ll need to spend a lot of tokens to get anything.
Unlocking more character choices than the two you start with, or buying anything in the safe zone shops can be done with in-game cash earned from killing zombies. Let every day be Casual Friday when you read about your favorite casual games in our weekly update.
The Infestation: Survivor Stories name and logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of OP Productions, LLC. With a flashlight being the only weapon you start out with, exploring any town is almost impossible. Approach one of these safe zones and you will most likely be greeted by a barrier of other players with the intent to shoot first then laugh as they pick through all of your loot dropped upon death. There’s nothing like watching zombies eat your flesh or another player teabagging the camera while pilfering your backpack of hard earned loot to ruin your day. The whole design is based around paying for tokens to put into the pusher in hopes of getting enough tokens to fall over the edge, thus producing tickets redeemable for prizes. Five slots are available to create characters which you will use and reuse a lot due to the hour wait before you respawn after death. Be prepared to kill massive amounts of the undead since the prices are astronomically high.

By the time you get enough tickets to acquire that top shelf prize of a meaningful experience, you are left with an empty wallet and empty heart for what could have been.
When the core of Infestation: Survivor Stories is hopelessly broken, those possibilities end up only providing nothing but endless frustrations. Zombie hordes are overflowing each area to the point that Sam Fisher himself couldn’t sneak in without alerting a group of the undead.
Other players in Infestation: Survivor Stories are more monstrous here than the rotting undead roaming around.
Switching between the hundred servers to find a safe haven from all this madness will only get you the same results.
Infestation: Survivor Stories reminds me a lot of those machines with its maniacal micro-transaction system.
You can buy back in right away if you spend real money, though the cost will add up fast due to the cheap deaths that happen way too often. Dying every ten minutes coupled with the long waiting period to revive, Infestation: Survivor Stories all but forces your hand to part with your money in order to play in its world.

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