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Before you can run the Apache server, you will need to make two small changes to the configuration. You now know the basics of how to host website in xampp, but setting up your machine as a web server is fraught with problems. The outside world has to access your site using your IP address, unless you pay for a domain name to be associated with it. As a designer, developing themes for Magento might be something you would like to look into. You will see the setup asks: “Do you want to start the Control Panel now?” Click on the Finish button to end this setup and XAMPP prompt to use. Nicholas Chase has been involved in Web-site development for companies such as Lucent Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tracy Peterson has worked as an IT project manager and Web developer since 1997 and most recently worked as an operations program manager on MSN Search at Microsoft. To better understand the goals of the feed-reader project, read "Introduction to Syndication, (RSS) Really Simple Syndication," by Vincent Luria. The PHP Function Reference is another great resource.Thought Storms ModelViewController explains the MVC and the controversy and confusion surrounding it. To listen to interesting interviews and discussions for software developers, check out developerWorks podcasts.
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Will You Like To Be The Next Web Consultant?Then attend our Short Training Programme & become the NEXT HIGHLY PAID WEB CONSULTANT. It is available for various Unix flavors, and for Windows, which is the version we will look at in this article. The default port that Xampp installs is port 80, and you need to change this to another value, for example 8000.
You will need your ISP allocated IP address, and the IP address, username and password for your router. The time you spend poring over logs, and checking that everything is running fine may not justify the savings of having your own web server.
And we hope that it will be useful even for those of you who are a totally new Magento learner. But, unlike installing WordPress on XAMPP, Magento’s installation procedures can be a bit intimidating, especially for a designer who just wants to get it working so they can start developing themes and other pretty things. Part 1 discusses the goals behind the Zend Framework, including easy-to-use components and an architecture based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.
He has been a high school physics teacher, a low-level radioactive waste facility manager, an online science fiction magazine editor, a multimedia engineer, an Oracle instructor, and the chief technology officer of an interactive communications company. If you accept the default installation, Xampp will install an Apache server, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin on your computer. Where WordPress is the darling of the 5 minute installation, Magento takes a little coaxing to work. If you need to change the destination, click on the Browse botton to change your destination for XAMPP program and then click on Next to go to the next step. In Part 2, you will see how to use the Zend Framework to create the beginnings of the online feed reader, Chomp, creating a form and adding information to a database while getting to know the MVC pattern.

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