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It feels like we have spent most of our life in school and every time we graduate, we have that fulfillment that we have finally finished a stage in our life.
Unless you are graduating from college, being able to receive the diploma would also mean that will go to a different school and answer harder math problems. That tear-jerking moment when you are called for recitation and you don’t even know what the question is.
After graduation, you will miss school and you might even wish that life is just about exams, teachers, classmates, deadlines, friends and fun.

Contains Internet Quiz, Hardware Quiz, Software Quiz, Memory Quiz, Graphics Quiz, Apple Quiz, Mobiles Quiz, Tablet Quiz, Network Quiz. But then, school is also fun and there are surely some things that we will miss in it including all the crazy things that we can only do in school.
You probably already get the idea how to get lives without waiting for the time to run down. Now you have your home screen.Go to your device settings and adjust your clock on your phone.

Now you need to minimize you candy crush app by clicking home button.You need to open your internet browser on your mobile device.

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