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All the data presented in this article are based on user behaviours and responses to questionnaires on OkCupid, a popular (but not the most popular) dating site in the US.
As well as seeing that girls don’t reply to guys’ messages that often, you will notice a big disparity between different races. Asian men, while being quite unpopular, do rather well with Middle Eastern women who are the most popular group of women. It’s also important to mention that black and native American women are very generous with their responses. One of the comments in the original article said that minority girls choose OkCupid because they want to date guys of other ethnic groups. Indian and black guys are doing much better here even though they remain relatively unpopular.
Actually, OkCupid shows that there’s no significant difference between races in terms of match, which is based on answers that the users submit.
As you can see, race hardly affects how likely you are to be compatible with the other person. You might still argue that the match rate doesn’t necessarily mean a high reply rate. In fact, 45% of the white people (40% of men and 54% of women) on OkCupid explicitly say that they prefer dating exclusively other white people.
While I find this research very interesting, I don’t worry too much about it when it comes to my own dating life. The research subjects are mostly American – the majority of people on OkCupid are American. The results are nationwide – the numbers represent the whole nation, which includes urban and rural areas alike. 17% of women still reply – The worst reply rate on the tables is 17%, for the percentage of Asian girls who write back to black men. OkCupid doesn’t necessarily represent the physical world accurately – texting is a very limited form of communication.
So ladies and gentlemen, don’t be discouraged if you are not in the most popular category. If you've read this far, you should probably subscribe to my blog and follow me on twitter or Facebook.
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I'm confused why white women are stated to be the second least popular group to respond to.
Non-Hispanic and Hispanic interracial opposite-sex married couples are the most prominent of all interracial coupling, making up about 45 percent of such partnerships. Since their nationwide legalization in 1967, interracial relationships have become more commonplace. And, other families won't understand, and they might make "harmless" yet offensive remarks that will upset the company.

Contemporary Families reported that interracial couples receive less familial support than same-race. Almost all millennials are accepting of interracial dating and marriage, 91% on average, according to Pew Research, which addresses the shift in public opinions regarding interracial dating, at least for young people. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will face off in the Champions League Final for the second time in three years.
WATCH: Barcelona Wins La Liga Title With Suarez Hat-Trick, But Whata€™s Next for Messi and Company?
But, by far, these are the most interesting (and controversial) statistics I’ve encountered lately.
So, before reading this, please keep in mind that the majority of the users of OkCupid are US based. If you are an Asian male, you have the least chance with Indian girls as the reply rate is a mere 18%, while white guys enjoy a 39% reply rate. It’s especially interesting that their reply rate is very low to Indian and Asian men. It would seem black girls are almost colour-blind if they weren’t so harsh towards black men. According to that comment, they would go to other dating sites for specific races if they wanted to date guys of their own ethnicity.
Out of all the charts we have seen, this one shows the weakest preference in terms of race. You may argue that different races have different personalities, which result in the disparity in response rates. I think that there would be weaker preferences in the areas where the population is more diverse.
If your personal experience tells a different story from these data, it’s completely normal. For example, black people represent only 4.6% of the total female members in the last example. Asians and whites, including Asian women, seem to have the lowest quantity of STDs in the US.
Some of us have been born and raised in Western countries (that goes for ALL races) and these stereotypes just do not hold true.
I feel bad for my immigrant bros across the West that prejudices like these are impeding their ability to intermingle and socialize.
The larger amount of interracial dating isn't reflected in the number of couples who marry, however -- though those numbers are increasing as well.
Sometimes, this isn't because the family member hasn't evolved; sometimes the remarks are provoked by ignorance and curiosity. These couples are also less likely to label the relationship, receive less social support, and less likely to show affection publicly.
Sanchez wrote in an NBC article earlier this year, while there can be backlash when introducing someone of a different race to one's family, it's generally strangers who are more offended by interracial relationships.

I was initially writing this text as part of the next article but it became so lengthy that I decided to make it a separate post. However, the reply rate from Middle Eastern women to Asian men is 27%, which compares very well to the 28% reply rate of white guys, who are the champions of on-line dating. Please note the sample size of Indian women is very small so the numbers are not that reliable. People of different backgrounds might have different ways of writing messages which may or may not be well received by other people. Obviously, your success in dating depends on your overall attractiveness including your personality and social skills rather than a single race factor. For example, in thailand, western men are rarely wanted and can date only dark thaitified women who are very ugly in thais' eyes (low class women, uneducated, prostitue class), not the middle class light skinned thais.
While the trend of interracial couples is at an all-time high, there is still as a question as to whether they have become more acceptable, or if there is still a stigma associated with dating and marrying someone outside of la raza.
Also, Hispanic men are two-thirds more likely than black men to marry a white spouse; and Hispanic women are four times more likely than Black women to marry white men.
Or, they might want to know why someone would want to shop outside of the race for a significant other when there seems to be so many good men and women available within the race.
She wrote about a woman who once kissed her boyfriend, of a different race, in public, and saw that people physically reacted (gawked, stopped and starred). But I don’t think this is necessarily the case because minority guys respond to minority girls equally well. In fact, there’s no single category of men who can resist the charm of Middle Eastern girls. This depend son what STD by the way, Asians seem to have high rates of Hepatitis B but had lower rates of Gonorrhea compared to whites.
Can you please just do the world a favour and drop these negative connotations you have with people of different backgrounds? This news does not surprise, considering that it has been established that Latinos comprise 45% of the interracial relationships.
People who come from strict or extremely conservative backgrounds will find that their families won't be as accepting of those who are lenient and liberal. Likewise, 46% of the white women are still happy dating men with different backgrounds, which is not bad at all. They are just numbers and don’t factor in any other variables that might play a huge role in dating. As an Indian bro born and raised in Canada I'm about as Western as you can get, and that same sentiment holds true for millions of people from different backgrounds across the Western world. Did you know that people got kicked out of the country for being too handsome in Saudi Arabia?

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