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GuestBright Bethwel2 days 9 hours agoFirst of all, you should know you won’t get a perfect man because there is non like that, no one is perfect.
He’s the outdoor type whiles I’ll prefer watching a movie at home Sometimes we hangout at places he likes and other times at places I prefer We have similar interest in places to hangout2) Do your friends like him My friends blend so well with my boyfriend My friends don’t know my boyfriend but am pretty sure they’ll like him Whenever I want my friends to meet my boyfriend they make excuses3) When you fall sick Bam! You simply have to look for a man who will do you good and remain faithful to you and most importantly be responsible. They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore.

He gets lost until am well He is always by my side and shows me more love He checks up on me once a while4) What is your future plans regarding children with your boyfriend? My boyfriend seems not to want children, but I hope he changes his mind We have not yet discussed children but am sure we want the same number We both agree when it comes to children5) When you fight with your boyfriend It’s like world war III.
It takes us forever to talk again My boyfriend and I fight, but settle our disputes well We have never fought before6) Are your families cool with each other They blend so well and part of our families are even friends They’ve not really met but I think they’ll like each other Our families are so different and like different things7) What’s your opinion about your boyfriends’ friends? I like them but want to keep a distance I always want to avoid them We hangout out and jell so well8) What are your religious beliefs?

We have the same beliefs We have similar beliefs, but sometimes disagree on minor topics We belong to different religious groups9) Do you trust him I don’t trust him at all I trust my boyfriend Men can’t be trusted, but I hope he won’t cheat on me too often10) If your boyfriend proposed marriage right now how will you react Of course I will marry him It’s a bit too early, but I might take the risk and say yes!

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