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Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. The Lorex LW2110 Ultra Digital Wireless Camera provides a video signal that is clear, secure, and interference-free.
Bring wireless video security to your home, cottage, or small business with the Lorex LIVE LW2110 Wireless Digital Security Camera. The LW2110 is an all-weather wireless camera that can used for both indoor and outdoor installations. The camera includes a 3ft BNC extension cable to assist in connecting the wireless micro-receiver to your TV, monitor, or DVR. The digital wireless transmission uses FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) operating on the 2.4GHz digital frequency band. Move the camera and receiver within 10 feet of each other to determine that signal strength is causing the issue.
The micro-receiver plugs directly into your TV, digital video recorder (DVR) or surveillance monitor. Keep an eye on your property, pets, or loved ones any time of the day or night with this easy to setup, easy to use wireless surveillance solution. The wireless micro-receiver connects directly to a TV, monitor, or surveillance recorder (DVR).

Equipped an infrared cut-filter and automatic night vision, the LW2110 Wireless Digital Security Camera delivers clear, sharp images day or night.
Use the cable if the connector ports are hard to reach or do not allow room for the receiver. FHSS allows the signal to hop quickly between channels within the frequency range to avoid conflicts from other devices.
A typical wireless camera has a range between 250 to 500 feet in an open field (with line of sight). You should maintain line-of-sight between the camera and the receiver if possible or limit the amount of obstructions (e.g.
The digital wireless all-weather camera is perfect for indoor or outdoor installations and can be mounted to walls, ceilings, or other flat surfaces.
The camera can be mounted to most flat surfaces and positioned easily thanks to the 3D Flex stand. The camera's high-gain wireless antenna can be angled between 90~180-degrees for easy installation beneath ceilings and eaves troughs and provides an outdoor wireless range of up to 450ft and an indoor range of up to 150ft (with clear line of sight). When connecting multiple cameras, we highly recommended connecting all micro-receivers using the 3ft BNC extension cable.
Video and audio are sharp and clear, and the signal cannot be picked up by nosey neighbors or other third-parties.

Avoid installing the camera and receiver where the signal will need to travel through these materials. Single-channel viewing in full-screen VGA resolution (640x480) or in real-time CIF resolution of 320x240 at 25fps.
It is not recommended to install more than 4 digital wireless security cameras in the same environment to maintain optimal video frame rate performance.
If possible, place the receiver where it can get line of sight to the camera through a window (you may need extension BNC or RCA video cables to move it further away from your DVR or TV). Set up the cameras near the front or back doors, garage, backyard, patio, kid's room, or any location that you would like to keep an eye on.
If is it not possible to avoid these obstructions, you may need to consider purchasing wired cameras instead.

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