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This is not an ordinary career choice quiz where Ia€™ll ask you your preferences and say a€“ you are perfect to be a mathematician or youa€™re going to be a doctor. What I can promise is that if you honestly attempt this quiz and write absolutely true answers, you will come up with a career you will love.
If you have been told that pursuing a degree in a certain field you may not be interested in (but a field that is popular) and getting a good job is how you will find the best career for you, this quiz may sound impractical to you. For one instant, if you could forget all that society has taught you about a career, and if you honestly, truly think for yourself - then what do you think you should be doing year after year, for so many hours a day? If I go back in time, here are the answers I would have written down in this career choice quiz.
I can start my personal development website where I'll write what I learn about life and earn money through advertisements.
Leo Babuta a€“ theya€™re three inspiring people whoa€™re doing what they like, and making money. Chris Guillebeau travels the world and writes about changing the world by living the best life you can live.
Of course, all the above people are people somehow related to personal development but it is not necessary that this be your field.

I think the best career is something that combines what you love doing with what earns you money. Instead of talking about what career will make you the most money or suggesting standard career options, it asks you questions which involve deep answers.
Or maybe you have 4-5 options in your mind and you had thought taking this quiz will confirm which option you should take.
I want to do something I really love, something I would do for free anyway and help people doing that. Like if I get angry, Ia€™ll try to think a€“ a€?why did I get angry?a€™ a€“ a€?could I choose to not angry?a€™ a€“ and weird things like that. What he writes inspires people and so they are ready to pay him for coaching sessions, for workshops and for products he endorses. He blogs about productivity, living a simple life, and similar things - all of which are his areas of interest.
There are many sportspersons, rose lovers, movie-buffs, and comedians who do what they love. You are going to spend a lot of time choosing your career, therefore it makes sense that you really enjoy it.

Isn't it obvious that you should choose to do something you love, something you really enjoy?
Or if I sense that I am afraid of telling a girl she is beautiful, Ia€™ll try to do it despite being afraid a€“ just to overcome the fear.
He conducts workshops, and provides special membership-only content on his site, writes books and earns a lot of money. For example, if you like watching movies, reviewing movies for a newspaper is a cool way to earn money doing what you love. A good way to find out what you like is to ask yourself - what is the activity I pursue during the day anyway?

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