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First it was amusing, then it was just a little bit off, but now, Amanda Bynes' behavior is downright worrisome. Most girl quotes hit really close to home, such as the following about being original and with intent to make some lucky man very happy. Here I am going to share 25 heart touching collections of the girls quotes which includes sad,romantic,loving and other types of quotes.You can download them,share them and also make them your wallpaper of laptops and pc. When men see how badly they hurt the girls that they love, they attempt to apologize over and over again, but once girls have been hurt, there is usually no going back.
Girls know when they have found the wrong man and sometimes it does take them a little while to notice, but when they do, they fight so hard to make their lives happy again.
I’m the type of girl who will burst out of laughing at something that happens yesterday.

Sometimes the girl who’s always men there for everyone else need someone to be there for her. The use of this material is free for self-development, developing others, research, and organizational improvement. The once seemingly wholesome Nickelodeon star has been unraveling right in front of our eyes and she's been the narrator every step of the way. The 27-year-old tweets regularly and encourages all of her followers not to listen to the media's take on her downward spiral, and instead focus on her 140 characters or less.
These quotes show that girls can show how great they really are to that special someone. Broken hearts girls quotes,sad girls quotes,loving girls quotes,emotional girls quotes,flirt girls quotes and many other types of quotes are said by the intelligent girls. They try to take on the world in hopes that one day, they will find the one, true love of their lives.

Women teach their daughters at a very early age that being yourself is one of the greatest things in life that you can do.
Men have learned over the years that girls can handle a lot more pain emotionally than they would like to admit. Most girls are sweet and innocent, but they have been known to become easily angered when they are hurt in a major way.
There are so many quotes that girls have written or said that can show just how sweet, innocent, romantic, and even angry girls can be.

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