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However, because of lack of worthy opponents, they may not have prepared themselves enough in the knockout stage.
The Dutch team barely managed to get out of its Group A round-robin if not for a timely 1-1 draw against host Canada in their last group qualification match. ESPN reported that without the burden of being the favorites, as opposed to the Japanese, Roger Reijners' squad may find less pressure in the said game. The Laomiao Library was modified from several abandoned cave dwellings, an ancient way of living in northwest China's Loess Plateau, and has a collection of nearly 10,000 books for the moment. 4 in the world, Japan blew past its Group C competitors with three straight wins against Switzerland (1-0), Cameroon (2-1), and Ecuador (1-0). This match against the Netherlands would surely provide ample resistance, though, to face Australia next in the quarters.

They won against lowly New Zealand (1-0) but lost to the Chinese (0-1) to settle for third. Also, their 18-year-old striker Vivianne Miedema may finally explode in the competitions, and they surely hope it would be against Japan. The Netherlands are just fortunate to land in the knockouts and the Japanese will impose their championship will. It is the last match of the Round-of-16 knockout stage in the 2015 edition of this tournament.
It may not be as lopsided as everyone expected, but it is clear that Norio Sasaki's wards have not yet shown their true potential. As per Bleacher Report, a repeat final between the Nadeshiko and Team USA is not very far in the horizon.

The officers check each pages of 107 books, that recorded 292,325 victims' names and the date of death. Two window cleaners were washing the windows of the Tokyo Skytree tower's observation deck, riding a platform suspended 450 meters in the air.

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