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In documents filed by celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser, Johnny Depp has requested for a judge to reject Amber Heard’s request for spousal support. Congrats to our Lady of Goopelupe, who is now officially divorced from Chris Martin, even though he never signed her divorce petition.
Need to make a quick buck and don’t care about conducting business that’s either illegal or—at the very least—ethically reprehensible?
Donald Trump, a bewildered, golden-helmeted astronaut who’s just landed on this planet from a distant galaxy, wants to debate Bernie Sanders.
On Thursday afternoon, Politico reported that the Republican National Committee would pay $750,000 to have ultimate American band JOURNEY play a “post-convention bash” in Cleveland this summer.
The trial for the horrific murder of an American Eagle employee on Black Friday began this week in Fort Worth, TX. Most of Hollywood spent yesterday sleeping off a really long, alcohol-soaked night and early morning of post-Golden Globes partying. The the flame-haired, porcelain-skinned Hollywood star, who has just been nominated for an Oscar for spy thriller Zero Dark Thirty, is the actor’s new object of affection. Another reason, she said, was she wanted something to talk about other than movie making and work.
Yeah, I find it hard to believe that Jessica would so vociferously deny dating actors while she is currently and secretly dating an actor. They would be a beautiful couple and well matched intellectually (and, probably pretentious, as Kaiser mentioned) but I would need to see them interact before I can put them on the heat meter.

Did they really accuse some woman of being a “feminist?!” *Gasp* who are these brazen hussies lobbing such vulgar obscenities at some poor lady? You know, I probably shouldn’t say it was funny, because, ultimately, it is more sad than anything. I would actually really like this pairing however in the lat few days the DM have been even less reliable than usual. If you apply for that job, and promise to write that article, I think we can all promise to write you vigorously enthusiastic letters of reference. I do find it fascinating that she has been able to hide so much about her past life and true age despite this new fame.
Either that, or Jessica’s self-proclaimed dating tastes and principles have done a complete 180 almost overnight.
Lucija, all I can say is, if you are going to do your own Internet investigating into why his fans are cray-cray, you should probably have a glass of wine sitting nearby.
Maybe we could get Miss M, our resident mad scientist (in my head) to facilitate some kind of Frankenhiddles transplant. He needs some competition, he was getting to comfy being used to these crazy fangirls of his, giving life advices, etc. I am writing to you from inside the world of Jennifer Lopez’s All I Have Las Vegas show—a rhinestone-studded utopia filled with hoverboards, glittering 6 trains, and wonder!
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I think our darling little Hiddles is a touch neurotic and a teeny bit fame-whorish, in his own, endearing way, that I think he would struggle with someone whose career is hotter than his. After twenty minutes of trying to explain to him that was he was describing was *not* feminism and women *should not* be blamed for being sexually assaulted (I was *this* close to giving him a black eye) . But the crazy-azz fans who go berserk and write that delusional Twi-hard Loki fanfiction… oh, I need to stop. I thought she was dating someone related to the fashion business or at least that was what she said.
Actually, I think she mentioned it after explaining why she would never date an actor again. I guess DM conveniently ignored that part because it wasn’t fitting with their story. They say horrible things about any woman who is even SEEN with Hiddleston, even if they just bumped into each other, or went to a premier together (like poor Sian Clifford, who has been one of his best mates for years).
And remember, if you're having trouble dating, just try to be younger and all your problems will be solved.

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