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I loved it and had always wanted a Z since I grew up in one, but taking the steering wheel off and on everytime I got out or in was getting old for a daily driver. At first I was a little scared while driving in the canyons, since my other 911 is lower, has more traction, more aero, and just seems more planted. Receive previews of our upcoming films, exclusive offers on merchandise, and recap of our weekly content. Even though I’ve been coughing up half a lung for the past few days thanks to a wild case of bronchitis, I managed to get out of the house yesterday to visit Jimmy Levan in the hospital. He still has a long way to go, but I’m really happy to report that Jimmy is awake and fighting. I spent the whole day with Jimmy today, he is doing a lot better but is very confused and cannot recall a lot of the last year.
Instagram has been blowing up like crazy lately and just about every single one of our riders and staff members are on it. A while ago, Jim Bauer and Gary Young took a trip across the pond to clock in some time over at the Tunnel in the UK. First up is a Taj Mihelich clip brought to you by 4Down Distribution.After the link are more Jim Bauer action! Heath Pinter’s annual trail jam happened this past weekend and the place was packed with plenty of bikes, Rockstar drinks, free tacos and massive sets of tan, voluptuous doubles. I replaced the E36 because it was too new, and while I love driving my 1981 911 SC, it was also a little too sports-purposed to drive it everyday. But when I went to a Porsche show with four Slate Grey cars, that pretty much sealed the deal.
It is a daily driver, so I am just happy that it makes a normal LA commute into something special. His insurance will not cover the rehabilitation he needs, he is going to need to go to a rehabilitation center for serious brain injuries.
They’re available now so hit up your favorite bike shop or mail-order to upgrade your shred sled.

Above is a video with Jim Bauer talking about some of the stuff we have around in the booth.
Heath keeps his trails pretty dialed and it’s cool that he and Lonnie Paxton are down to open them up and hold jams for everyone to enjoy. Since the Z was not an improvement in that department, I figured a bone-stock SC would be the perfect daily—even one my wife could drive.
This 911 drives like a lightened-stock SC, which if you have driven one, is very easy (with practice). When I first finished it, instead of the passenger seat you see here, I had a Recaro child seat mounted in its place.
Jimmy has insurance, but there are still going to be additional costs during his recovery that aren’t covered by his insurance. I was talking with his mum today and we are going to see if we can get him into a center in jfk edison under some sort of charity or low earning fund, but this will cost $70,000(for one month).
Toby Goodyear (Tonash) was on hand to film the sessions and Jim even helped out a bit by logging some clips as well.
I'm married to a wonderful lady who lets me have fun with cars, and I have an amazing daughter who has only thrown up once in my car. I always liked 911s, but I didn't see them often in Long Island, and I always thought they were out of my league. I was very green on the Porsche front and didn't find out a lot of information until after I found the right 911.
It's nimble, fun, and powerful enough to blast through anything a daily driver needs, even with the other modern cars on the road. I started to build this car when my wife was pregnant, and my daughter was born during the build. You would think anything gets old, but I still do the glance-back every day when I park the car and walk away. Thanks to IMG and Sunday Bikes for helping make the trip possible and The Good Listeners for supplying the track.

While car enthusiast sites are not exactly classy, Pelicans in general have a lot of class.
Thankfully, even with all the mistakes I made, I found the right car, and to this date it is the the most reliable car I have ever owned. Years ago this mint-green idea would have been orange, but a flood of orange cars have been built since then. There has been an internet hater or two, but those are great odds coming from the internet!
The classifieds section is full of great Porsche stuff, but it also is scoured by fellow enthusiasts.
Real is in quotation marks, because I've never seen the Mintgrun in real life, so the color is still a custom mix to my eye and not the paint code from Porsche. While my idea for the color was forming, my friends were doubtful of the outcome, but I think in real life and not on paper (or in my head) it all makes sense together. I can't believe someone else didn't scoop up the Sun-dried Tomato before I did (before I bought it, this car was a Guards Red 911 living outdoors in San Diego for years, hence the previous nickname).
It's a love-it-or-hate-it color, but I would rather have that than a middle-of-the-road color. His dad (a Porsche mechanic) had left the car to him, and at the time of my visit it was running great, so we took it out that night. I could go pick up groceries or go to the racetrack and have fun doing both while looking good doing it.
When I asked my painter, Martine of Areta Auto Body, whether he liked it after he shot it, he said he hated it, straight up.

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