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I loved it and had always wanted a Z since I grew up in one, but taking the steering wheel off and on everytime I got out or in was getting old for a daily driver. At first I was a little scared while driving in the canyons, since my other 911 is lower, has more traction, more aero, and just seems more planted. Receive previews of our upcoming films, exclusive offers on merchandise, and recap of our weekly content. Last year, I had the opportunity to work with my friend Brian on the independent film White Reindeer. I’m currently working as an assistant sound editor for Season 2 of Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic Channel’s highest-rated series ever! From when I was nominated for a Midtown International Theatre Festival Award for the play Writer’s Block. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ford Explorer - Ranger Tires & Wheels Want to know what size tire or wheel combo will work with your Ford Explorer or Ranger based vehicle?
It also depends on your sidewall size, if you have a really tall sidewall the stress on the bead isn't as extreme so you may be able to go over more. I thought they could take the first 7 pages duplicate them and delete the old one, sorry it was just a thought.
The legendary London Jazz Composers Orchestra has been for over thirty years the pinnacle of improvised music.
Barry Guy is an innovative bass player and composer whose creative diversity in the fields of jazz improvisation, chamber and orchestral performance and solo recitals is the outcome both of an unusually varied training and a zest for experimentation, underpinned by a dedication to the double bass and the ideal of musical communication.
He is founder and Artistic Director of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra for which he has written several extended works. Conny Bauer (born 1943 in Halle an der Saale), is one of Europe’s most significant trombonists. In countless tours he has played together with renowned musicians such as Butch Morris, Micha Mengelberg, Antony Braxton, George Lewis, Louis Sclavis, Joachim Kuhn, Ernst Reijseger, Irene Schweizer and Barre Phillips amongst others. I replaced the E36 because it was too new, and while I love driving my 1981 911 SC, it was also a little too sports-purposed to drive it everyday. But when I went to a Porsche show with four Slate Grey cars, that pretty much sealed the deal. It is a daily driver, so I am just happy that it makes a normal LA commute into something special. My latest projects include sound design for Doomsday Preppers and Fish Tank Kings, now airing on the National Geographic Channel.

Our active community covers every aspect of the Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger and all vehicles based on this platform.
On the other hand, if you have a shorter sidewall you may want to keep it to 2" over wheel width, or less. The band plays host to top European musicians both from the jazz scene and classical music world.
His concert works for chamber orchestras, chamber groups and soloists have been widely performed and his skilful and inventive writing has resulted in an exceptional series of compositions. Since the start of the 70’s he has been a founding member of numerous groups such as Exis, FEZ, Konrad Bauer Quartet, Bauer Sommer Kowald Trio, Doppelmoppel, Zentralquartett as well as the initiator of the big band Klangprojekt 86. Bauer was awarded the City of Berlin’s Order of Merit in 1994 and won the SWR- Sudwestrundfunk Jazz Prize ten years later.
As with my previous releases, the music contain therein is improvised, although the solo trombone is occasionally underpinned by composed motifs that were recorded during play by use of computer technology to create layers that served as a framework for the improvisations. Since the Z was not an improvement in that department, I figured a bone-stock SC would be the perfect daily—even one my wife could drive. This 911 drives like a lightened-stock SC, which if you have driven one, is very easy (with practice). When I first finished it, instead of the passenger seat you see here, I had a Recaro child seat mounted in its place. I'm also currently working as a set dresser on various film and television sets in the NYC area.
Acclaimed in North America and Europe, the orchestra is a Who’s Who of virtuoso improvisers, investigating the relationship between composed and improvised music, contemporary classical and jazz. In order to recreate the flow and energy of a live concert on CD I played in the studio without breaks. I'm married to a wonderful lady who lets me have fun with cars, and I have an amazing daughter who has only thrown up once in my car. I always liked 911s, but I didn't see them often in Long Island, and I always thought they were out of my league. I was very green on the Porsche front and didn't find out a lot of information until after I found the right 911. It's nimble, fun, and powerful enough to blast through anything a daily driver needs, even with the other modern cars on the road. I started to build this car when my wife was pregnant, and my daughter was born during the build. You would think anything gets old, but I still do the glance-back every day when I park the car and walk away.

The compositions from leader Barry Guy provide a framework for the musician’s explosive solos and collective improvisations.
Today, over 35 years later he continues to explore and experiment with this instrument, continually developing new worlds of sound for himself and his audiences. While car enthusiast sites are not exactly classy, Pelicans in general have a lot of class.
Thankfully, even with all the mistakes I made, I found the right car, and to this date it is the the most reliable car I have ever owned.
Years ago this mint-green idea would have been orange, but a flood of orange cars have been built since then. There has been an internet hater or two, but those are great odds coming from the internet! Run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, here you will find, tech tips, how to articles, reviews, videos, photos, offroad events, street truck events and much, much more! The classifieds section is full of great Porsche stuff, but it also is scoured by fellow enthusiasts. Real is in quotation marks, because I've never seen the Mintgrun in real life, so the color is still a custom mix to my eye and not the paint code from Porsche.
While my idea for the color was forming, my friends were doubtful of the outcome, but I think in real life and not on paper (or in my head) it all makes sense together.
I can't believe someone else didn't scoop up the Sun-dried Tomato before I did (before I bought it, this car was a Guards Red 911 living outdoors in San Diego for years, hence the previous nickname). It's a love-it-or-hate-it color, but I would rather have that than a middle-of-the-road color. His dad (a Porsche mechanic) had left the car to him, and at the time of my visit it was running great, so we took it out that night.
I could go pick up groceries or go to the racetrack and have fun doing both while looking good doing it. When I asked my painter, Martine of Areta Auto Body, whether he liked it after he shot it, he said he hated it, straight up.

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