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Cheeses, as Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home points out, are infinitely nuanced, with a complex range of flavors and textures. For a bloomed rind, mold spores are sprayed on cheeses, where they develop a soft white exterior (think Camembert).
A washed rind indicates a cheese that has been bathed, often in wine or beer, facilitating the growth of beneficial bacteria. Sweet, creamy cheeses go well with some form of fruit – fresh, dried or cooked.  You can try pears, apples, grapes, apricots, peaches, tangerines, dates and raisins.
Right off the bat I was relieved to note I had definitely heard of all the ingredients needed for the potpie, and as a bonus, I already possessed a few (milk, butter and carrots!). The new self-sufficiency movement has inspired people to can fruits and vegetables like old-fashioned homesteaders. And yet, Pickled Carrots called to me like little orange sirens from the pages of Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home, the New York Times bestselling cookbook by the chef at The French Laundry. The sight of those jars of Pickled Carrots in my refrigerator makes me feel like a new-fangled, gourmet Laura Ingalls Wilder. Page Edmunds, associate publisher at Workman Publishing, lives with her family near New York City. Use vinegar as a seasoning device: Vinegar can be an important way to enhance the impact of a dish. Roast a chicken: When you know how to roast a chicken you have an infinite number of dishes at your fingertips, from springtime chicken with peas and morels to cold salads in the summer to a winterized version with roasted root vegetables. Make a pie crust: Baking your own pie crust gives you the framework to make a range of dishes.
Use the big-pot blanching technique: Big-pot blanching involves boiling vegetables in brine strength salted water until they are cooked through.
The exciting evening attracted more than 160 guests, including current Miss America 2009 Katie Stam. Complete with a Question and Answer portion, attendees were offered a unique opportunity to interact with Chef Keller and participate in an insightful discussion on modern culinary techniques.  Guests were then invited to individually speak with Chef Keller, at which time he signed copies of the book and participated in photos.
KSTV is Keller Independent School District's cable television channel, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. KSTV's relaunch will feature student-produced content daily from each of Keller ISD's 4 High Schools. Check back here soon for more information on the exciting relaunch of Keller ISD's cable channel. Congratulations!  Some publisher has offered you a contract!  That’s a huge milestone! Will you let them live there but you still want to store your old Superheroes comics in the locked space in the garage?

Actually, any legitimate publisher wants one thing above all:  a happy author who will work their fanny off trying to sell their book.
Ten exciting and suspenseful stories about BC’s most memorable forest fires, and the firefighters who lived to tell about their battles. Learn even more about the delicious marriage between dairy and grapes at the Timber Press blog and Story Publishing blog. Cheese can be explored the same way you might explore new wines, so go to a local purveyor and sample until you find your favorites. But when I hear my cooking-centric friends rhapsodize over the amazing meals they concoct with ingredients I’ve never heard of, I wonder if I’m missing out.  So having only made a few basic dishes before (rice and beans), or been relegated to the “peeler and chopper” when assisting in the kitchen, I thought I’d try my hand at the Chicken Potpie recipe from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home cookbook. And those I didn’t have in my kitchen wouldn’t go to waste if there were leftovers (pearl onions and bay leaves).  After reading the recipe, it seemed pretty straightforward, even to my untrained eye.
Even my local warehouse club was selling Mason jars this summer – a true sign of a movement gone mainstream.
While I like to cook, the notion of boiling a pot of glass jars on a hot August day (which is always when the veggies are ripe) makes me want to leave the kitchen and head to the air-conditioned movie theater instead. Despite its upscale restaurant origins, the book is all about home cooking, and includes a whole section of surprisingly unfussy recipes for jarred delicacies like sweet onion tapenade, fennel mustard, and fig and balsamic jam (which Keller uses to stuff a pork loin). First of all, there are about four ingredients in each of these recipes, and most of them are already in my kitchen cupboard.
After cutting them into sticks, all I had to do was heat up some curry powder, and add Keller’s incredibly easy pickling liquid (good vinegar + water + sugar, stirred together in a measuring cup) and the carrots. She is currently reading Spooner, by Pete Dexter (which is so brilliantly funny she’s been reading whole paragraphs aloud to her husband) and cooking from What Can I Bring? Ad Hoc at Home is filled with family-style home-cooking recipes and Keller’s perfected versions of classic comfort foods. But Ad Hoc at Home, Keller’s latest cookbook, has the tips and recipes to get you cooking, if not on his level, then certainly with greater know-how and confidence than before. Salt used for seasoning needs time to dissolve—salt steaks, chops and other smaller cuts 15 to 20 minutes before cooking, while larger cuts, like a chicken, should be salted 40 to 45 minutes before cooking. It’s always worth considering whether a few drops of vinegar could be added to a soup, sauce, or braising liquid to make the flavors really jump out. A duck breast should be cooked over low heat to render the fat in the skin and make it crisp, while fish is usually sauteed over high heat to develop flavor on the exterior through browning. It’s a good technique to use at home and only requires a frying pan or saute pan with an ovenproof handle. It also allows you to choose the type of fat you want to use as your shortening—butter adds richness, while lard can be great for savory dishes.
A vegetable soup, a protein-based soup, and a pureed soup are all an invaluable part of a cook’s repertoire.

Poaching allows you to flavor the cooking medium and thereby enhance the flavor of what you’re cooking. It is currently airing to One Source cable customers on channel 33, Verizon FiOS TV customers on channel 30, and Charter cable customers on channel 30.
It will also continue to feature District-produced events, performances, educational and informational programs, as well as comprehensive Board of Trustees Meeting coverage. He has been a reporter and a teacher, and spent four summer commercial cod fishing from a one-family island off the Labrador coast. The cookbook’s recipes are described as “doable at home,” so that seemed like a step in the right direction.
The only step I was really sweating was making the pie crust, which has always seemed particularly scary – Don’t overwork the dough! And a platterful of bright and spicy vegetable pickles – carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and more. Second, there is no mention of boiling jars or fitting on those scary lids when they are blazing hot. In approximately 28 minutes on a Sunday afternoon, start to finish, I made a collection of stunningly pretty Pickled Carrots – a yield large enough to serve with a cheese plate over Thanksgiving weekend and still have a couple jars left in the fridge to go along with sandwiches for the next week or two. After two minutes of simmering  – truly, two – I was standing those little carrot spears up in some jars and pouring the liquid over them. Low-and-slow is used for either of two reasons: it can be used for meats that need to be tenderized or for large cuts that need to time to cook evenly. If you’ve never seen a publishing contract before, for sure it looks like a bunch of crazy gobbledy-gook. He is the author of the BC bestseller Dangerous Waters: Wrecks and Rescues Off the BC Coast, which was shortlisted for the Bill Duthie Booksellers Choice Award for best BC book of the year. To become a well-rounded cook, one that can tackle almost any recipe, here are a few basics you might want to get the hang of…. Or sticky!  I always thought it was a task best left to the professionals.  So after rereading the recipe about 6 times, I jumped in, and turns out, no, it isn’t that scary. How do you know if the deal you’ve been offered is reasonable against industry standards?  And if not, what can you ask for reasonably? The one oversight on my part was forgetting that I don’t actually own a rolling pin, which I imagine would be immensely helpful when trying to roll out dough.

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