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Though it’s nice for someone to feel so strongly about you so soon, this type of guy will usually fall in love with every other girl too. Not only will this guy make you feel like an insignificant peasant in comparison to his oh-so-important tasks, but he will not be around 90% of the time for you.
If you’ve got the patience of the world to wait around for Turtle to come around, then kudos.
Volg mij op Facebook om op de hoogte te blijven van acties, workshops en nieuwe tekeningen! Ik wil niet de foto van de kist hier op bokt zetten omdat ik niet weet of iedereen er van gedient is ,morgen probeer ik een stukje uit de foto te kopieren waar haar foto die op de kist stond te zien is..
And many men you may meet might possess some of these qualities while being perfectly normal, great guys. But I narrowed it down to some of my personal favorites and I think at one point or another, I have met a little of each type of guy here and there.
Sure, it’s nice to go out with someone to a nice dinner and have them pay, but this guy sells himself as a rich fellow. You think he’s great, but out of no where, you see a side of him that makes you want to run for the hills. In fact, most people believe it’s preferable for you to meet someone within your social circle.

He never really tells you what he does for a living, where he lives or who his friends are.
But most people I know don’t have infinite time to wait around for someone to express interest or make a move.
But then he’ll pull it all away leaving you with disappointment and many, many questions. He realizes you’ve got single girlfriends and all of a sudden, everything becomes about hooking your friends up with his friends. And you know, God forbid you would ever be busy – he would make you feel like crap about it. Echt doen!Heb ik bij Opa niet gekunt niet fatsoenlijk afscheid kunnen nemen, hij was al in coma in het ziekenhuis en als ie al iets bij kwam , kreeg ie kunstmatige slaap.. Blijf over haar praten, blijf de verhalen herhalen, anecdotes vertellen die je met je Oma hebt meegemaakt. After some time, you will come to see that he’s materialistic, driven by money and thinks he can buy and swipe his way out of anything. There’s a fine line between being a gentleman and being a sexist pig and this guy knows nothing about that line. This guy takes three million light years to do anything and hence earns the respected title of Turtle. And you’ll be sitting around with your girlfriends from the first day until the last wondering what the hell happened.

Iemand is pas echt dood als ze vergeten worden, of er een generatie komt die ze niet meer heeft gekend. Phone Buddy, who calls and messages you a lot, but never really makes an effort to see you. Yes, some may say this is cruel, but it’s my little survival guide in the crazy world of love.
After having gone through this with so many guys, I concluded that these guys are bored and in search of random entertainment until something better comes along to occupy their time. If you really think this guy is worth it and might just be shy (which is never really the case), you could be extra sure and tell him yourself how you feel.
7 blackandbluemix 2011-08-02 05:22 am (UTC) (Link) {{Kuri interrupted her vague and incoherent ramblings on ice cream to lean forward and kiss the Master lightly on the lips.
XD blackandbluemix 2011-08-02 05:29 am (UTC) (Link) {{scoffs and blushes}} What, d'you need a repeat performance?(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) Oh yeah. En tja daar lag ze dan arm arm menske *komen de tranen weer*Iig, ik me moeder opgevangen die nu beide ouders kwijt is..

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