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Artist Mark Crilley demonstrates his skills to show the viewer how to draw babies, teens and the adult female face using an easy step by step guide.
Lose your reflection and gain a better perspective: Nine out of ten women hate looking in the mirror so what happens if you stop? Lose your reflection and gain a better perspectiveNine out of ten women hate looking in the mirror and Marianne Power was one of them, so what happened when she stopped for a month?
All my features are in the right place, I have a feminine figure and in the right clothes I can look, while not pretty, at least striking. Another friend says: a€?I dona€™t mind the mirrors round my house so much a€” when I look in them, Ia€™m holding my stomach in and standing in a flattering pose. On the first day I kept track of the number of times I automatically went to check myself in my computer screen, a window or by pulling out my compact.
On the fifth night I have to go to a frienda€™s birthday dinner in a fairly fancy restaurant. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Tried and tested methods and high quality narration secure all the components to make this a very worthwhile video for anyone wishing to up their game in pencil drawing. I put on an outfit that I have worn a hundred times, but I may as well have been walking out of the house without my top on. And so it was with mixed feelings that I uncovered my bathroom mirror that Saturday morning. Everything is covered from measurements, proportions, feature placement (nose, mouth etc), shading and fine detailing.
The passable-looking woman who left the house suddenly looks frumpy, middle-aged and overweight.a€?I saw a woman reflected in the train window the other day and thought how awful and old and tired she looked. I didna€™t want to get dragged into the old self-loathing; if ignorance is bliss, Ia€™ll take it. I get through Topshop, H&M and Reiss with my gaze averted from the myriad mirrors, but in Zara I cave in.
I had no idea that this was what was going on in their heads, even though ita€™s what goes on in mine. I put on trousers and a long top (my weekday uniform) and apply my make-up using the tiny compact mirror. By day three I am obsessed by the progress of a spot I feel coming up on my chin and cannot bear not to check it.

Why does it matter what I look like when Ia€™m with friends that have known me for ever?A  By week two I crack. ThomoVisit Authors WebsiteI have studied art for most of my life and would easily say that it was my number one passion. I hold them up in front of me and look at the mirror, but only at my legs: I see tree-trunk thighs hiding behind purple silk.
I appreciate everything surrounding art but I gear most of my efforts towards anatomy and the human form.
Only 9 per cent of those over 50 feel happy with what they see in the mirror, according to a survey of 1,200 women published earlier this year. I believe there is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than being creative to produce art which does the human figure justice.
Every morning, the first thing I do is scrutinise my reflection in the mirror as I brush my teeth. When I ask friends what they see in the mirror, the responses were almost unanimously bleak.
What if this is George Clooney and I go in there with a stain on my top or visible panty line? Even my thighs didna€™t bother me.A  Ita€™s not that Ia€™m any different, but I feel like some sort of equilibrium has been reached. I get dressed without looking at myself, but cana€™t leave the house without sneaking a peak.
Ia€™ve come to realise the world doesna€™t care which side of 11st I am or how wild my hair is. By the time I get to my desk, Ia€™ve become paranoid that I have got toothpaste down my top.
Ita€™s only then I realise that every day women use mirrors to confirm the worst things about themselves, an excuse to beat ourselves up. Ia€™m the only one who cares, and ita€™s time to start caring about something more important.
By the afternoon I wonder what my hair is doing and if my mascara has smudged under my eyes as usual.
How many great nights out have been marred by catching your reflection in a mirror and hating what you see? I worry about how shiny I might be looking, so I apply powder blindly a€” then worry ita€™s too much and rub it off.

As I headed to the front door, she asked me: a€?Are you going to go out like that?a€™ a€?Like what?a€™ I responded. But it turns out that just because Ia€™m so lazy that I staple falling trouser hems back into place and let my hair go two days longer than I should between washes, it doesna€™t mean that I dona€™t care about what I look like. It had been six hours since Ia€™d had coffee and read the papers, but I hadna€™t noticed the stains because I hadna€™t looked at my reflection all day. I go out without wearing make-up because ita€™s not fun doing yourself up if you cana€™t see it, which is funny because I always thought I was trying to look nice so that others wouldna€™t judge me. But when I looked in her eyes, in not at, (I know this sounds crazy) I felt in the presence of someone.
Your are so very good and I can’t believe I followed you step by step and I draw the baby. Can’t believe it because all my life I look up to people who could draw, I never tried because I did not think I possibly could do it.
The person who sent this said their wish came true after 10 minutes after they read the mail so I thought what the heck!
You have been visted by Dr Suesss cat in the hat, he will grant you with one wish make your wish when the countdown is over 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 MAKE YOUR WISH! I would love to see a video about where to place the lines for the nose in detail for different ages :).
You an amazing drawer and am so happy I stumbled and found your books and now this YouTube channel :D. Even some people in their twenties get these facial lines & I would love to see a tutorial on faces with these lines like you have shown here.
I’ve always had trouble with drawing various ages, especially babies and young children (never really tried though, ha ha). You use (excessive) elbow movement instead of many wrist movements because it’s healthier for you. Many wrist movements, which happens during sketching, causes RSI (and can paralyze your drawing hand). You also start drawing bigger and then you can put more details in the artwork and you can make more perfect circles, lines etc.

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