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Prepaid RP cards are now available in a range of stores throughout Europe in time for the Christmas holiday period. We have worked closely with a wide variety of stores throughout Europe to bring these cards to as many players as possible. When I first entered the League of Legends eSports scene over two years ago, I did a decent enough job of promoting collegiate LoL clubs and groups. Following in the footsteps of Snoopeh, Doublelift and I hoped to meet local fans in Seattle and Vancouver during our planned vacation for after worlds and suspected colleges might be the best bet. As soon as I woke up, I considered nearby locations and felt that a college still might be the best bet. Within minutes, Sam Brown– the president of the USC eSports Associaton reached out to me and helped organize a meetup. Immediately after the World Finals, Doublelift and I took our vacation to Seattle and Vancouver where we had two more fan meets.
At the University of Washington, the Union of Purple Caster Minions hosted our event, all coordinated by Rahul Devanarayanan.
A few days later, we were completely unprepared for how many people showed up at the UBC eSports Association fan meet in Vancouver, literally. After returning to Southern California: Doublelift, Xpecial, and I spent this past Sunday at a USC vs UCLA grudge match tournament and LAN party. All three university associations told us that we had helped provide more exposure to their clubs.

Unlimited OneDrive cloud storage included for one year so you can easily store and share your favorite photos, videos, documents, files, and more. I checked out the Requirements page but I get a little confused when it comes to processors and video cards.
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I had IvyLoL and CSL admins on State of the League, and Doublelift and I even cast a few games. In the process of getting connected to representatives at University of British Columbia and the University of Washington, Doublelift randomly asked me to setup a fan meet for the one day break between Worlds group stages.
I picked USC due to its proximity to Worlds venues and a rumor I heard about it having a solid eSports association. Due to their ability to mobilize the club so quickly, when Doublelift and I showed up, over 100 people were waiting for us despite it being announced only 3 hours prior. As someone who graduated from college not too long ago, I love the idea that these groups are helping connect people who share a common interest.
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It also felt difficult to promote collegiate level eSports, as it only interests league players attending places of higher education and any content built around it was difficult to get general engagement on. Being Doublelift, he requested this as we fell asleep at his hotel (beside one another) the night before. A week later, the club threw an even bigger fan meet with way more pro players and personalities. We had to come back a second day just to make sure everyone had a chance at a picture and a signature. If there was a League of Legends or eSports association back at my alma mater, I was unaware of it but it is something I wish I had. I still feel that the same problem exists, but I am going to actively attempt to promote and provide resources (possibly behind the scenes) to that group of players, because over the past month or so I have been reminded why collegiate League of Legends is awesome.
I am thrilled that GameSpot had a chance to film the fan meet for one of the first episodes of TDvW and thanks so much to Adrian Fakstorp and Carman Lam for setting it all up for us.

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