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Prolific Advice, an innovative new initiative created by Prolific North and delivered in partnership with Lucas Fettes, Tree Accountancy and Turner Parkinson, goes live today. The service has been brought to fruition together with our media-savvy professional and financial services partners who have a long-established interest in and are keen to help SMEs and owner-managers across Prolific North’s readership to develop their businesses. Prolific Advice will enable companies to submit online confidential enquiries at no initial charge across a wide and diverse range of issues spanning tax and audit, employment, IP, private equity and business angels, commercial loans, finance and grants, keyman insurance and risk management and, as the business flourishes, company sales, MBOs and… wealth management. Enquiries are submitted privately and all subsequent communication will be treated confidentially between the company concerned and the relevant adviser.

For their part of the bargain, our three partners have promised to respond and offer constructive guidance via email enquiries at no charge – within reason!
However, should a company subsequently decide it needs to follow a certain course of action and perhaps  engage one of the firms, that would then be a matter to be agreed between the company and the firm. The rationale behind this initiative is straightforward and we believe mutually supportive. Our three partners, each of whom already has a significant client base among creative and media companies in the North and across the UK, are keen to develop their activities and penetration in what is Prolific North’s core territory and in turn Prolific North views this new initiative as yet another way we hope we are engaging our readers and delivering a growing range of value-added services.

Andrew Booth, a partner at law firm Turner Parkinson added: “Turner Parkinson has for many years advised and supported businesses in the creative industries and there has never been a more exciting period in the North for the sector than the present day. Prolific Advice has been specifically developed for owners and managers of creative and media companies across the North, who will from today, be able to access online professional guidance at no initial charge.

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