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These days customers want it all, and they want it quickly, especially when they’re shopping online. Live support and chat also allows you to track the demographics of customers who contact you for support. You need someone reliable, so choose wisely, but don’t let this opportunity to boost conversions pass you by.
I really agree with that, in using live support and responding in a live website conversation builds customers trust and make them feel more secure in buying certain products. Back in 2011, I wrote about Silverado Senior Living using Live Chat to drive 350 inquiries with a 10% conversion rate over a 7 month period. The nice thing about this particular Live Chat solution is that it allows companies to show an image of the live representative, adding a personal touch to the interaction. If you’re interested in adding Live Chat to your company website or blog, give us a call.
Most of live chat software developers believe the cheapest live chat function is not a key issue to win more customers in the market eventhough the price factor is very sensitve for many live chat users. When you are looking for free live chat for websites, you need find the best one through a discreet website chat software comparison. When visitors click on the button, they can chat directly with a customer service rep online in real time.
According to an article published in Internet Retailer magazine, online businesses that use live chat have a conversion rate that’s three times higher than email. With telephone support, a customer service rep can only talk to one customer at a time, but reps using live support can handle more than one support request simultaneously. Live Chat allows companies to add a instant messaging feature to their website so site visitors can interact with company representatives in real time.

Halcyon’s Live Chat feature is already driving both employment and sales leads and is proving to be an effective way for the organization to reach a broader audience and provide excellent customer service.
It also provides transcripts of every conversation, which Halcyon uses for training purposes.
We not only provide the technology, we train your staff how to use it and coach them along the way for maximum impact and ROI. For users who just want to build a free live chat on website, at least a free version with basic live chat for support fuction is necessary so that many websites are able to have a channel to communicate with live vsitors.
So the best web chat program must be a live chat web tracking application to be able to chat with and track website visitors.
Usually, live chat software hosting package will be more popular than the installable chat server version because the hosting package will not require the chat software users to have their own IT resources to support the chat servers. If you want to set up live chat for website to deal with your global customers, you must choose a multiple languages website chat system.
No matter you use a free live chat tool or the paid version chat programs, easy of use is an important factor to get high marks in any live chat software evaluation process. Many are lost when they first visit a site and feel more secure knowing immediate help is available. This helps you fine tune your website and address issues that may be confusing to customers. The feature helps site visitors get the information they need right away and it gives companies an opportunity to instantly engage site visitors and potentially convert them into customers. Quite a few website chat solution providers are willing to offer free live chat programs in order to increase their client base. Chat4Support is a kind of the website chat application to help you to install chat for site free.

For example, even if you use Chat4Suport's free live chat box for website, mult-language options are available on the website chat window when visitors all over the globe to click the the website chat button. In addition to offer free live chat support to customers, it is also necessary to build a comprehensive livesupport net by integrating website live chat with email, support ticket, telephone, and even forums, blogs twitter, as well as facebook. You can customize the look of the support button to make it consistent with the theme of your website. Among the top 100 internet retailers, almost a third are using live chat, more than were using it last year.
Offering live support reinforces in the mind of visitors that you’re a legitimate business they can feel comfortable buying from.
This means you can review transcripts to make sure your reps are responding to customers appropriately and giving them the information they need.
Once their free website chat software users need more live assistance support features, they will definitely buy the advanced versions of the live chat program. So, if you need chat software for website to handle your global business, Chat4Support should be your best choice due to its multi-language support feature.
With live chat, you can actively engage customers and address their questions and concerns while they’re sitting at their computer.

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