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It is a reasonable strategy to decide to break even on a book (or possibly take a loss) on your first book on the basis of book sales alone. Because publishers are no longer able to help bridge the gap between author and reader, the author must be able to do it all or have the budget to hire the help she needs.
Book publishing costs arise from three areas, and the costs can be substantial in all three whether you traditionally publish or self-publish. Writing—If you publish with an established publisher, they may pay for most of the editorial costs, but you may still be responsible for some. Publishing—If you publish with an established publisher, you won’t incur the costs of production. Marketing—Even if you use an established publisher, you will be responsible for most of your own promotions and any travel you do to represent the book.
You can expect to spend from $10,000 to $15,000 and up to self-publish a book and do some modest marketing. Our missionTo provide valuable and innovative service to Authors, Coaches, and Speakers: We will do the things on your to-do list so that you have more free time in your day. While no one can tell you with any certainty how many books you can expect to sell, you can be precise about what you will spend to get an idea of how many books you must sell to break even and then turn a profit.
The time away from your business that you spend authoring a book will be time away from clients.

Your real financial gain may be to your primary business, and your book may be one method of marketing for that business. The good news for the consumer: Books are less expensive and more readily available than ever. Writers must be able to communicate and organize their ideas in a marketable way, a skill relatively few authors have developed. Even if an author writes an outstanding book and isn’t a promotions expert, the book may only sell a few hundred copies.
For example, you will still spend money for book proposal coaching if you need it or for someone to write the proposal for you.
But if you self-publish, you must consider the expense of book design and layout, book cover design including back cover copy, prepress production, indexing, proofreading, and printing.
For the vast majority of books, a publisher will allocate a budget of $1,000 or less for marketing the book, and that just isn’t enough.
But it is time invested in the intended return of more and usually larger client projects once you are recognized as an author.
It is estimated that only 10 percent of books published are profitable to both publishers and authors.
After books are ready for sale, there are the charges of carrying inventory (unless you use a print-on-demand process), packing, and shipping (although shipping costs are ultimately passed on to the purchasers).

The publisher may also do some collaterals—bookmarks, event posters, one-sheet flyers—but generally very few.
And, of course, you can spend a lot more at each stage of the process if you don’t find a high-quality professional to work with the first time and have to redo some of the original work.
Because this leaves about 90 percent of books that either break even or lose money, publishers have had to decrease their costs in order to stay in business.
If they’re willing to tough it out, though, they may be more successful with a second book…or they’ll never try again. Cost reduction usually takes the form of offering fewer services to authors, especially first-time authors. In addition, if you make too many changes once the book has been designed, you may be asked to shell out more money for some of the corrections. Unfortunately, they are essential services that formerly helped increase the odds of success.

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